| May 01, 2019

Liz Bonser is a retiree on Brewer Roar near Sharbot Lake, and has been seeking an outlet for her creative energy.

She found it by attending a workshop in Ottawa that introduced her to Paverpol, a glue-like material that hardens when it dries. Using it as a textile hardener, it can be used to make statues, both for indoors and outdoors, as well as abstract objects, wall decorations, vases, bowls, animals, jewelry and masks.

She took to it right away.

“I love this art form so much, from the start. I took the intensive teacher’s course and am now a certified instructor,” she said. “Being who I am and always looking for ways to have fun I decided to start my own business.”

She now has a studio space set up in her home, where she is able to do her own work and is also offering workshops for others who are interested in working with Paverpol.

“This art is so easy and so much fun to work with. Yes, everyone is an artist even if they don't think they are. There are still so many more new ways to create using Paverpol.”

Starting this month, Liz will be conducting workshops for 3-5 participants in May and June. Participants will create a seated figure. For those who really enjoy the process, intermediate and specialty workshops are also being planned, and Liz also sells Paverpol so people can work on their own projects at home.

For information about Paverpol and dates of upcoming workshops, or to see a gallery of Liz Bonser’s work, go to openingmindsinnovations.ca.

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