Submitted by Pamela Giroux | Mar 13, 2019

The Boy Wonder pays homage to the Hollywood musicals of the thirties and forties. They were usually about the struggles of a Broadway Theatre company trying to put on a musical. In our production, Monica Jones is an aspiring actress who has had no luck landing roles. The Director is Guy Martin who, with his father, Terrence, had co-written a musical adaptation of War and Peace. Guy also directed and starred in it. According to reviewers, he was acclaimed “The Boy Wonder”. His luck changed, unfortunately, and years later people were asking, “Whatever happened to the Boy Wonder?”.

Now he may be down to his last chance. His ex girlfriend, Deloris, the “Latin Sensation” agreed to come back for a starring role in the show; however, lately they spend more time arguing than rehearsing. Naturally, hot headed Deloris quits – one week before opening night! And then, wonder of wonders, Guy discovers Monica who steps into the starring role.

Since no legit Broadway theatre had been willing to let Guy use their space without advance payment -he’s broke-the only space he could get was a Burlesque House in Queens. In lieu of payment, the owner of the theatre insists Guy use his exotic dancers in his show as well as his young son, an aspiring actor. To complicate matters further, Guy’s father shows up to point out his son’s failure as a playwright but also to offer his advice and assistance.

The Boy Wonder contains a play within a play which is the musical they are putting on. As Jeff says, this is really an excuse for more musical numbers, a plot addition that a lot of Broadway Musicals had back then. Be prepared for some shocking surprises at the end of the show. But there is a happy ending, like all Hollywood musicals.

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