Pam Giroux | Feb 06, 2019

The Spring production for NFLT is a brand-new musical written by our own Jeff Siamon. Jeff has been looking after lighting, sound and our website, since taking over that job from Wendy Parliament. His musical, “The Boy Wonder”, is set in New York City during the 30’s and 40’s. The music is from that era and for some it will be a pleasant walk back in time, while for the younger generation it will be something new. This was a tumultuous time in history and, in many ways, Jeff’s play reflects that. Show business could be cut throat and we certainly become shockingly aware of that aspect in the final act of Jeff’s play.

Due to the nasty weather conditions, the first 2 rehearsals were cancelled last week, but through sheer determination Jeff rallied the cast and production team to come out on a wintery night last Thursday. We met at Martina Field’s place for the first read-through of the script. If that reading is any indication of what lies ahead, we definitely have a great show in the works. Our lead actors have good, strong voices and are fabulous singers as well. So, my friends, we have hit the ground running (so to speak) and this article is meant only to whet your appetite for more news on our brand-new musical, “The Boy Wonder”.

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