| Jul 11, 2018

Upcoming work on Crow Lake Road is “still in the design phase,” Kevin Hawley of Greer Galloway told an open house in Sharbot Lake’s Oso Hall last Thursday, held to get public feedback.

“Construction could be in the late fall (or August) or next spring,” he said. “We can’t do it in winter because cold weather paving can be a problem.”

The plans are to address several specific issues that have been noted by residents, including speeding and drainage, he said.

“This will only pertain to the hamlet,” he said. “From the Crossroad to the train tracks.

“There are several options for the rest of Crow Lake Road to Road 38 but that will have to wait for grants.”

“And we are applying for grants all the time,” said Mayor Frances Smith.

Hawley said they’re well aware of the issues and have made them part of every grant application.

“When applying for grants, you tell the saddest story possible,” he said.

Currently, he said, they are looking at putting in curbs (no sidewalks), some ditching, new asphalt and new signage.

“We don’t want to widen it too much because that would encourage people to speed through there,” he said.

Also, they’re looking at speed bumps, which would be in place from May to October.

“We can’t put in permanent speed bumps because of issues with snow plows,” he said.

They’re also looking at eliminating a drain that goes through a concrete dock.

But there will be measures undertaken to “hopefully eliminate road water.”

Hawley said he didn’t expect there to be major traffic disruptions during construction but “there could be the odd daily 10-3 closure.”

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