Jun 06, 2018

The Arden Legion is nearing completion of a book regarding local men who enlisted, fought, and sometimes died in World War One.

November 11, 2018 will be the 100th Anniversary of the end of the war and is our projected date for completion.

We have access to a lot of the military records of these men and where possible we are including all the personal background we can gather.

If you have more information, photographs and family details if possible on the following soldiers, please call either Malcolm Sampson at 613-335-3664 or the Arden Legion at 613-335-2737 and leave your number.

Ernest Barker, Arden - His middle name could have been either Enoch or Enick. He was born on May 9, 1898 to Britton and Florence Barker. He was only 17-1/2 years old when he enlisted in 1915. At one point military records indicate an address in Rochester, New York, USA. He served in England and France and was discharged January 29, 1919.

T. Beverly, Mountain Grove - He is thought to be Thomas James Beverly, born 1876 in Odessa. He served in World War 1 and his next of kin was Clara, his wife. His father was John Beverly and records indicate at least 2 children; Margaret Victoria Beverly and Thomas Edgar Beverly. After the war the family lived in the Mountain Grove area.

F. Dawson, Mountain Grove - His name is on the Mountain Grove Cenotaph. it is thought that we are looking for a James Garnet Dawson born 1895 and who died in 1982. His wife was Emma Jan Uens and that they had a son called Donald. No military records have been found.

Robert Stanley Delyear, Harlowe - Was born March 19, 1897 at Harlowe to William and Hannah Delyea and the family had moved to the Arden area by 1917 when he enlisted. He served overseas and was discharged in 1919. He had 2 sisters, E. May Delyea and Ida Bell Delyea.

R. Flyn, Mountain Grove - Shown on Mountain Grove Cenotaph. Could be Roger Stanley Flynn or Herbert Russell Flynn. Both were born in Mountain Grove and both moved out west. We are unable to locate any military records for Roger and the records for Herbert Russell Flynn give no indication that other than being born in Mountain Grove he had any other connection.

Dow Frazer, Arden - He is listed at the Arden Village Hall. Military records show various combinations of Fraser Frazier, and Frazer with first names of Oscar and Osker but the middle name is always Dow. He shows 2 next of kin; William Henry Fraser of Harlowe and Jacob Miller Fraser also of Harlowe. He served overseas and was discharged February 21, 1919.

William Ashley Godfrey - Went by the name of "Ash" was born September 3, 1894. His parents were possibly Wilson and Rodie or Rhoda Godfrey. He is shown on the Mountain Grove Cenotaph. He married Keitha Hartwick and they are thought to have moved to Newburgh and retired there.

William Herbert (Herbie) Gray, Mountain GroveWas born in Maberly on August 29, 1893. His was Pearl and he was 24 years old when he enlisted In 1917. He did get to England but it is unclear if he served in France. He returned to Canada in July 1919 and was discharged.

J. Hawley Mountain Grove - Is listed on the Mountain Grove Cenotaph. We are unable to locate any military or family history with only the initial “J” to go by. Any help would be appreciated.

Okeland Alexander Hayes, Mountain Grove - Was born June 22, 1896 In Mountain Grove. His dad was William Hayes. When he enlisted in February 1916 he gave his occupation as a cheese maker. He served in Canada, France and England and was discharged in January/February 1919. He ls thought to have lived in the Village of MacLean between Mountain Grove and Parham.

Donald Bruce MacDonald, Mountain Grove - Was born In 1894 and died In 1969. After the war he married Nora Gray and they ran the General Store In Mountain Grove. He was also post master from 1931 to 1945. They had 5 boys. We have been unable to locate any military records but this could be because of the combinations of first and middle names and different spellings of the surname.

S. Mills, Mountain Grove - On the Mountain Grove Cenotaph. The only S. Mills we can find relates to a Silas or Siles Mills from the Flinton area with no known connection with the Arden/Mountain Grove area. It is possible that the S. Mills we are searching for was the son of one, William Mills and married an Amanda Knight.

Rockwell Newton, Arden - There are 2 possible birth dates, February 9, 1883 or December 7, 1878. His parents were Elisha Newton and Hannah Jane Knight. He enlisted April 15, 1918 and served in England and France. He was discharged May 16, 1919.

Calvin Shorts, Mountain Grove - Was born July 23, 1894 in the Mountain Grove area. When he enlisted in December 1915 he had a wife, Sarah, and was employed as a labourer.

Maurice Thompson, Arden - Was born August 15, 1899 to James Wilson Thompson and Sarah Detlor. He was only 17 years old when he enlisted. After the war he lived in Toronto for a while and then moved to Elm Tree where he had a small store and post office. He married Pearl Guernsay in 1920.

Wellington Thompson, Arden – Was born June 15, 1896. His parents were Wilson Thompson and Levia Godfrey. He had a sister, Pearl, who later moved to America and brothers George, Oscar and James.

Coleman Vanness - Is thought to have been born around 1873. He enlisted in 1916 and at that time gave no next of kin and claimed to be an orphan. He enlisted and took his medical in Arden.

Louis Manley Vanness, Arden - Was born in Arden October 7, 1895. His mother was Effie Eustace; his father Marshall Vanness. The family is thought to have lived in the Dead Creek/Bordenwood area. He married twice, to Sarah Evalina Hartin and later to Ethel Vanness, the widow of Peter Vanness, his uncle. After the war he lived in the Northbrook area.

Marshall Vanness - Was the father of Louis Vanness. Marshall was born in 1870 in Camden Township and moved to the Arden/Bordenwood area some time prior to 1916.

J. Veley, Mountain Grove - is shown on the Mountain Grove Cenotaph. We can find no military records for a J. Veley from Mountain Grove but we found a John Veley of Hinchenbrook. We need to locate family members to verify we have the correct persons researched.

Hardy Veley, Dead Creek - Was born at Dead Creek May 8, 1875 and was living in Mountain Grove in 1916. He enlisted twice in 1916 when he gave his next of kin as Alphaeus Veley, his brother. He was discharged in 1917 with heart problems. He re-enlisted and this time gave his next of kin as Mrs. Asselstine of Mountain Grove.

Milton Veley, Dead Creek - Was born at Dead Creek May 19, 1894. His mother was Mrs. C. Veley. He enlisted January 1916 and at that time was a farmer and single.

Edward Wood, Kennebec Twp. - Was born to William and Hannah Wood on March 9, 1886 in Kennebec Township. He enlisted and took his medical in Arden and gave his mother as his next of kin.

Oscar Wood, Arden - is shown on the Arden Hall Plaque. The only Oscar Wood we could find records for enlisted in Saskatchewan but was born in Arden March 4, 1897 to Charles and Rosanna Wood.

Erving Woodcock - (Could be Irving). Was born September 22, 1893 to Manson Woodcock and Hester Ann Parks. He married Louisa or Louise Hart who had 2 daughters by a previous marriage. Gladys, who married Gordie Woodcock of Elm Tree and Beatrice who married Claude Parks. Erving is thought to have had a brother Elmer who lived near Northbrook.

Any information at all will help. Thank you

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