Apr 25, 2018

After months of rehearsals we have reached the finish line – the performance week. Everything is being fine tuned and synchronized at 2 dress rehearsals scheduled for Monday and Tuesday night. Cast and crew will be feverishly putting on the finishing touches for the opening show as the excitement mounts.

Members of the cast include some familiar faces in lead roles from previous productions. Many will remember Anneke Putnam in her portrayal as the feisty Annie Sullivan in “The Miracle Worker”. She has been an invaluable asset on stage giving helpful advice and encouragement to the younger inexperienced performers. She will leave you in stitches with her comedic scenes as Clem, the crab, opposite the demure Princess Anemone, the mermaid.

Mason Moore is also no stranger to the N.F.L.T. stage and who could possibly forget his role as Pinocchio? This time round he is no puppet but rather a handsome gallant, swashbuckling Prince, named Theodore. Mason says he like the idea of playing a rich and famous Prince, a ruler in a fairy tale kingdom. Mason has several musical solos in the show where he shows off his musical talent and belts out his songs with gusto.

Both Anneke and Mason have provided new comers to the stage with excellent examples of how to project one’s voice and react with emotion to dialogue happening in the scene. It has been a fascinating journey as a bystander to sit and observe the awakening of other young actors performing for the first time in a show.

Andrea Dickinson has worked closely with the children since the beginning, helping them with learning lines and following stage directions. She likes to refer to herself as the Children’s Advocate and she is indeed that, having worked with many of them before in other productions.

Steve Scantlebury and Greg Morris are to be congratulated for their set construction and the many hours spent creating this masterpiece which Donna Laroque has so richly painted. We are so lucky to have such a talented artist in our midst willing to spend countless hours painting a set which sets the mood for the undersea adventure in Hans Christian Andersen’s land of make believe. Jocelyn and Mike Steeves have also contributed their creative talents by making the huge Styrofoam fish which they have painted to bring the sea world to life. We are grateful to all those who have contributed  to make this production a visual delight.

Two ladies who have worked tirelessly at every rehearsal organizing props and set ahead of time are Barb Scantlebury and Linda Bush. They will continue to work behind the set during scene changes at performances. Linda has also organized the 50/50 draw at Intermission.

Now there is just one thing left to do—“Curtain up, Light the lights, We got nothing to hit but the heights”. Ah yes Gypsy Rose Lee said it so well.

N.F.L.T. has been providing live theatre for 39 years in Sharbot Lake thanks to the support of our local communities. Let the children entertain you

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