| Jan 10, 2018

Arden Legion President Dave Moore kind of said it all: “this open mike is scheduled from 1-4 but since everybody’s having such a good time, I’d like to remind you we don’t close until 2 a.m.”

Such was the inaugural session for a series of open mike fundraisers to alternate on the first Saturday of each month between the Arden and Sharbot Lake Legion branches. The next installment is scheduled for Feb. 3 in Sharbot Lake.

Sam Jarvis, who organized the backing band of himself, Eddie Aston, Bill Parsons and Zack Teal, said the idea came out of a similar fundraiser Connie McLellan did for children with mental challenges.

“We wanted to keep it going so her husband, Sharbot Lake Legion President Alden McLellan, said ‘let’s work with Arden on this.’”

And so they did.

Funds generated from the monthly events will go to both Legions’ causes and Jarvis is selling T-shirts and CDs to raise funds to add to the PA system.

The place was packed for this first one.

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