Misti Harnden | Oct 21, 2015

NAEC hosted visiting actor Lara Jean Chorostecki on September 23 and 24, prior to the school trip to Stratford, and on October 2, after the trip. She led the students in several drama-based activities, focusing on “Anne Frank” and Shakespeare’s language, as well as the use of voice and body in drama.

The visit was part of a program called “Teaching Shakespeare” which is run by the Education Department at Stratford. In order to receive funding towards a student trip to Stratford, and to arrange for a visiting actor, teachers are required to attend a “Teaching Shakespeare” conference for three days in August. There were about 60 teachers, in total. Ms. Allan and Ms. Randle attended from NAEC, and received materials and ideas that they could use in a classroom.

Many actors who are in productions at Stratford worked alongside the teachers in a variety of workshops. Lara Jean Chorostecki was one of the participating actors in the “Teaching Shakespeare” conference, and was paired up with NAEC. Although she got her start in Stratford, at the age of 17, she is now in movies and on television. Her most recent series was “X-Company” on CBC this year – now available on Netflix. A second season is planned for early 2016. She was also on the very popular “Hannibal”, which is also available on Netflix. For more information on Ms. Chorostecki, visit: http://www.larajeanchorostecki.com/about/

Students in grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 participated in the workshops, and enjoyed the experience very much. Allya Garey, who is a big fan of “X-Company”, presented a thank-you card to Ms. Chorostecki on her last day at NAEC.

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