| May 10, 2012

Addington Highlands brings in 2012 budget

Increase of 7% in total levy to ratepayers offset by 1% in real growth

It will cost Addington Highlands Township $2.15 million to carry out their local operations in 2012 - just over $220,000 or 11% more than it cost in 2011.

A decrease in provincial transfer payments of $60,000, combined with an increase in policing costs of $30,000 as well as a decision to put $50,000 away for a proposed municipal complex/fire hall that will be built some time in the future are a few of the major reasons for the increase.

The operating costs for the new community centre in Denbigh are also higher than had originally been envisioned, leading to a $33,000 increase in the 2012 budget. The township is spending $220,000 to replace a tandem truck and plow, and will spend $207,000 in rebuilding the Jacques Bay Road.

The 11% increase in local costs is offset by lower increases in the L&A County levy (5%) and education taxes (1.5%)

In the end the total amount to be charged to ratepayers in Addington Highlands for municipal and education taxes is just under $4.87 million, $210,000 more than it was in 2011 ($4.66 million), an increase of 7%.

Addington Highlands Clerk-Treasurer Jack Pauhl estimates that new building projects were responsible for about a 1% increase in the township’s property assessment values last year. Municipal taxes are charged out to ratepayers on the basis of property assessment values.

Township to split on re-zoning costs for Flinton Church: Janice Andrews from the Riverview United Church in Flinton, which has been sold, came to Council to ask for some relief in re-zoning costs, and Council agreed to split the costs. The closing service for the church is scheduled for May 27.

$750 for mayors’ committee on policing costs:

Council agreed to send $750 to the Ontario Mayor’s Coalition Steering Committee, a group of Ontario mayors who are organizing a challenge to the way the OPP charges them for policing. According to the steering committee, policing costs have been going up each year. The local municipalities are simply billed by the OPP and have no ability to challenge the charges.

Toll road booklet ad – The township will be paying $125 to purchase a 1 page ad in the toll road booklet that is being prepared by the Land O’Lakes Lions Club.



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