| Mar 05, 2014

Police costing decision has already been made

Reeve Henry Hogg, fresh from the Good Roads/Rural Ontario Municipal Association Conference in Toronto, reported that at a bear pit session the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services made it clear that the new pricing regime for OPP services, which will lead to vastly increased in costs for local municipalities, “is basically a done deal. She [Minister Madeleine Meilleur] said there may be some changes around the fringes of it but the basic model will be implemented so we might as well get ready for it.”

Questions about joint Good Friday service

Reverend Bruce Kellar requested that the fee to use the Flinton Recreation Centre for a joint Good Friday service between his and six other congregations be waived.

“This is the first time a joint service has been attempted in quite some time. As the person asked to write this letter to you I wish to convey how excited we are as joint clergy to have an opportunity to demonstrate unity within our community,” wrote Reverend Kellar.

Speaking of unity, Reeve Hogg wondered why all of the churches in the township were not invited.

“He did not invite all the churches,” Hogg said, “he did not invite the United Church, I know that.”

Council decided to seek further information and look at the matter again at the next council meeting.

Sampling decreased at Denbigh site, but no news on re-opening

A letter came to the township from the Ministry of the Environment concerning the Denbigh waste site. But rather than granting them a certificate of approval to re-open the site, which the township has been seeking for a number of years, the letter only said that monitoring of the site will be decreased in 2014 because the state of the surrounding groundwater has been stable.

“They’ve asked us to do things, and we’ve done them, and then they asked us to do more things, and we did them, but years later we are still waiting for them to let us re-open the site. And then they send a letter like this. I don’t get it,” said Deputy Reeve Bill Cox.

“We have to do the monitoring whether the site is opened or no, as you know, but I see your point,” said Henry Hogg. “I guess we still have to wait.”

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