Valerie Allan | Oct 10, 2013

While some people find math very difficult, Ms. Shepherd’s Grade 9 Applied Math class has been having fun. They used their math skills to design and construct some mini-putt holes. Each student designed a mini-putt hole, then the class voted on the five designs they wanted to make. Students worked as a classto construct their mini-putt holes. The whole process took five days, to the accompaniment of a lot of hammering, and by October 1, the students were ready to test their projects out. They laid them out on the playground, and took turns trying to sink a ball. The designs proved very challenging, and the chances of a hole-in-one seemed to be nil. Ms. Shepherd hopes to have the mini-putt course laid out for Parent’s Night on October 10, so that the students’ parents can admire the workmanship and try to sink a ball.

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