| Jun 06, 2013

Addington Highlands Council had to move from their normal meeting room into a room that is usually used for bingo in order to accommodate a number of Flinton residents who were concerned about a proposal to sell off part of a road allowance that leads to the Skootamatta River, next to the former United Church.

The sale has been proposed in order to allow Paul Orser, who bought the church last year, to install a septic system to service the property.

“We don't want to lose everything over there, all the public access to the water. Why is the council bending over backwards just to accommodate someone who bought a property?” asked one resident.

A representative from the KFL&A Public Health, who was on hand, said that a new tentative plan has been developed. It would see the 66 foot road allowance remain intact from the roadway to about halfway to the water. Then for a short section, half of the width of the road allowance, 33 feet, would be sold to Mr. Orser, and after the road allowance would continue on to the lake as before. There would be sufficient room for a vehicle to pass through to the river.

Not all the people at the meeting were impressed with the proposal.

“Why should the township sell some public property off? Can he not use a holding tank?" asked one resident.

“That's the solution of last resort,” said the Health Unit representative.

“It has never been my intention to bend any rules,” said Paul Orser. “I intended to put in a septic system so I can use the property as a recreational property for my family. There was too much bedrock jutting out of the ground behind the church and ever since then I have been jumping through hoops trying to get this done. It is not my intention to stop the community from getting access to the water.”

“We are here to protect all property owners in the township,” said Councilor Helen Yanch. "It's not that we are trying to make anyone's life miserable. We are trying to come up with a solution.”

Reeve Henry Hogg said, “We have only heard about this latest proposal today. We'll have a look at it and we'll consider all the issues, for Mr. Orser and for everyone else. Then we'll decide whether it is viable or not.”

The assembled crowd then left the meeting, some of them happier than others.

Mazinaw Lake Resort – Council gave the owners of Mazinaw Lake Resort permission to have amplified music at their campground on June 30 from 7-10 pm.

“According to our noise bylaw amplified music is not allowed at all, except when we suspend the bylaw for an event,” said Township Clerk Jack Pauhl.

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