Nov 29, 2012

Photo: Brittany and Landon enjoy activity time on the mat.

On November 9 and 20, Mrs. Dunphy’s Grade 12 Issues in Human Growth and Development class at North Addington Education Centre in Cloyne planned and hosted playgroup sessions as part of their experiential learning for the course.

These students visited a local playgroup to see what kinds of activities they were doing there and to get a sense of how to set it up in a classroom. When they came back they began to plan a playgroup for their class.

Students took into consideration the age of the potential children coming to playgroup and what they have been learning in the course (human growth and development at different stages, play based learning activities, and socialization within the family, school, and media).

The students have had two very successful playgroups so far, with 13 children at their first and 9 at their second. They are hoping to have one more in December before the holidays and possibly one in the New Year before the end of the course.

The students transformed their classroom into a safe play environment with play mats and learning toys. They also had circle sing along, story time, games and lots of play-based learning.

“The students worked very hard planning the playgroups and were very excited to see so many children and parents attend and participate,” said Mrs. Dunphy. “I am very proud of my class and glad to be able to facilitate this hands-on learning experience. Thank you so much to all the parents who were able to attend and participate, we really appreciate it and hope it was lots of fun for your little ones.” submitted by NAEC


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