Valerie Allan | Apr 26, 2012

On April 11, students and staff at NAEC once again put on pink as a demonstration against bullying. A larger number than last year sported pink shirts, hats and shoes. Those who didn’t own pink clothes wore Day of Pink stickers.

The International Day of Pink is the result of a gay student in Nova Scotia being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. Other (straight) students at the school witnessed the bullying, and as a show of solidarity, went out and bought pink shirts and wore them to school. This small show of care, support and courage has mushroomed into an international movement.

Students at NAEC gathered in the gym to have their group photo taken wearing their clothes and stickers. Vice-Principal John Mooney spoke to the whole school, as the crowd contained Kindergarten to Grade 12 students. He reminded the students and staff that this gesture was not just about being part of the crowd, and wearing a piece of pink clothing. He spoke eloquently about the need to be caring and kind to one another, no matter people’s differences. He challenged students to take a stand and be courageous about bullying.

Principal Angela Salmond remarked, “It was so heartening to see how many staff and students embraced this initiative. A recent survey of our students asked how they ranked our school as a community, and how they felt they belonged. We scored very highly in these areas, so I am not surprised to see the engagement the students and staff in our school feel in this initiative.”

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