Valerie Allan | Oct 20, 2011

Photo: Left to right: Colista McQuigge, Ashley Buls, Rachel Van Dusen, Emma Fuller, Madi Lemke, Aryssa Grant, Megan Cruickshank and Deanna Allen.

Students from NAEC participated in painting a canvas for the Limestone Learning Foundation’s Crystal Ball Gala, which was held October 15, at the K-Rock Centre in Kingston. About 8 schools volunteered for this task.

Canvases from each school had to have a crystal ball in the centre, and a black and silver border. Apart from that, students were free to use their imagination. The NAEC students’ theme was “Diversity Through the Arts”. They chose to make their crystal ball a crystal globe, surrounded by art of different cultures.

Emma Fuller represented India with a picture of the Taj Mahal. Colista McQuigge chose an African musician’s image. Megan Cruickshank depicted Canada’s culture, showing a dog-sled team. Deanna Allen painted a Thai scene, with a dancer and decorated elephant, while Aryssa Grant and Madi Lemke selected a scene featuring a Chinese Dragon parade. The crystal globe and the border were painted by Ashley Buls.

“I was very impressed with the caliber of the work,” remarked Principal Angela Salmond. “I am particularly pleased that the canvas was worked on by both elementary and secondary students, to reflect the unique quality of our school.”

The canvas was received in May, and students started painting right away. They completed the canvas after returning from the summer holiday. Because it was hard for more than one or two students to work on the canvas at once, it was necessary to devise a schedule to get the canvas completed. Students worked in their lunch hours and after school, as well as during the day.

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