| Sep 08, 2011

RFP for new office/fire hall complex: While they are not exactly at the groundbreaking stage just yet, Addington Highlands Council has taken the next step in a process that may lead to the construction of a township office and fire hall on a lot that the township has purchased on Hwy. 41 south of Northbrook (next to Addison’s Restaurant). The space requirements submitted by township and fire staff and council have been included in a Request For Proposal for a site drawing of the proposed building. Once a design is accepted, the project will be costed, and Council will then be tasked with finding the money for it.

$13,000 for Denbigh Community Centre – Council approved $13,000 in spending on the new community centre in Denbigh. Councilor Tony Fritsch said that the project has been progressing well thus far. Council appointed a two-member committee to oversee the Lakelands Family Health Team locations in Northbrook and Denbigh.

Joint Fire Board meeting cancelled, Reeve Hogg perturbed: “I was rather perturbed because they didn’t choose to consult with us,” said Reeve Henry Hogg about an email he received from North Frontenac Council last month cancelling a scheduled meeting this week of the Joint Fire Board, which oversees the Kaladar/Barrie Fire Department, which serves both townships.

“I am the chair of the Joint Fire Board, so I should be the one who cancels a meeting, but I guess we’ll have to re-schedule,” he added.

Fire department busy – Fire Chief Casey Cuddy reported that so far in 2011, his department has responded to 112 fire calls, up from 97 at the same point last year. “There have been number of brush fires this summer, but fortunately they have been small ones,” Cuddy said, adding, “we are looking forward to the cooler fall weather.”

Dumping request – The new owner of a property on Hwy 41, formerly owned by the late Winnie Gutsell, has requested that the township waive the dumping fees for 50 trailer loads of material that is lying out on the property.

“If you start doing this for one person, it will spread” said Public Works Manager Royce Rosenblath.

“The only thing is we want the property cleaned up,” said Councillor Adam Snider. “What if we waive the tipping fee for up to five loads, a $150 maximum.”

(One trailer costs $30 to dump)

Council accepted Snider’s proposal.



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