| Jul 03, 2019

Looking for something different in the artsy-craftsy-curiosity vein?

There’s a new kid in town in Northbrook for that.

“We try for the unusual, even if it’s only the people,” said owner Karen Anderson at the opening of her new gallery/boutique, The Kuriosity Shop in Northbrook Saturday. “Everything here is local, from local artists and artisans.

“We felt a need for someplace like this and wanted to make it a joining place for the public and artisans.

“Everything is in on consignment.”

Inside, you’ll find everything from paintings, to quilts, to knitted things, to stained glass to repurposed artworks to skin care products.”

You won’t find antiques, however.

“We don’t do antiques,” she said. “Unless they’ve been turned into something else.

“Like a chair turned into a flower pot.”

Or wind chimes made from old cutlery.

There are the works of 28 artists and artisans on display, she said.

She said the building is wheelchair accessible.

The Kuriosity Shop is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

For photos of what’s available, Anderson suggests visiting their Facebook page.

“We try to keep it up to date,” she said.

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