| Jun 26, 2019

The Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives opened its doors for the 2019 summer season Saturday and it was an occasion, in part, to say good-bye to the one person many credit with its success.

Margaret Axford, has stepped down after 10 years as curator.

“It’s an opportunity to toast and roast a lady who’s been a wealth of information for this organization,” said historical society president Shirley Sedore.

“She’s (Axford) been very gracious, welcoming and cordial, also a great stabilizer,” said Wendy Hodgkin.

“This museum is one of the best in the country for its size,” said Katherine Grant. “And we know who we have to thank for that.

“Her passion, her vision, her taste have left us with such a good platform.”

Emma Veley, who’s worked at the museum for seven years, takes over as curator for the summer.

“Everything I’ve learned and my knowledge of the area comes from Marg,” Veley said.

“She’s never been an insider, just an observer,” said Gord McCulloch. “Marg comes on very softly but she’s a little like the sting of a bee and she gets things done.

“She’s shown us what it should be.”

The museum is located on Hwy 41 across from the Post Office.

It’s open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in July and August.

It’s partially funded by Trillium Foundation grants and the sales of its historical calendars and books, available at the museum and its online store.

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