| Mar 06, 2019

Addington Highlands Council voted to replace two failed oil furnaces at the Northbrook Medical Centre with propane furnaces at its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon in Flinton.

During an inspection, Bosley Heating & Cooling reported that both oil furnaces have failed heat exchangers (these units were installed in 1995); the fuel oil supply tank is not approved to be used as a heating fuel tank and is installed too close to the building; and the existing propane furnaces are in good working order.

The cost to supply and install 1300 000 BTU propane furnace with duct adaptors, including removal and disposal of existing oil-fired equipment is $13,560 including GST on sales.

Replacing the existing oil furnace and tank would cost $20,114.

“It has to be done and we have a month to do it,” said Dep. Reeve Tony Fritsch, taking the chair for vacationing Reeve Henry Hogg. “We’ll have to look at the budget to see if we want to sacrifice something else.”

There was a concern raised over sole sourcing but Fritsch said they didn’t have time to send the work out to tender.

“They gave us four weeks to fix this,” he said. “If we had six months, we’d be going in a different direction.”

Fire Chief Casey Cuddy said the Township has a contract with a propane supplier from whom they get better rates “and they supply tanks.”

Fee waived
Council approved a request to waive the rental fee for a free concert by The Tri-Ensemble at the Denbigh Hall July 20. The concert is in support of the Denbigh Food Bank.

Weight restriction
Council passed a bylaw restricting the gross weight of vehicles on Trepanier’s Bridge on Clark Line Road to 10 tonnes in the case of a single vehicle (empty or loaded), 18 tonnes for a combination of two vehicles and 25 tonnes for a combination of three vehicles.

Council remuneration
Council members pay for 2018 was: Reeve Henry Hogg - $25,860.07 including travel and per diems, Dep. Reeve Helen Yanch - $20,760.31 including travel, Councilor Tony Fritsch - $15,543.20 including travel, Councilor Kirby Thompson - $15,267.52 including travel, Councillor Bill Cox - $14,337.58 including travel, per diems and expenses, and Councilor David Mile - $1,255.44 including travel.

Also Thompson was paid $2,144.06 by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and Hogg $991.50 by Quinte Conservation for travel and per diems.

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