| Nov 07, 2018

Addington Highlands Council approved the creation of a working group to determine the fate of the Kaladar Waste Disposal site at its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon in Flinton.

The site must close next year as a landfill and Roads/Waste Supervisor Brett Reavie told Council that they’ve been “throwing around July 1 as the closure date.”

But, he said, there are still many options to whittle down.

“Many options are available,” he said. “But many of them wouldn’t be feasible.

A waste transfer site appears to be the most likely option but Reavie wants to make certain they look at all options.

Council accepted Reavie’s suggestion that the working group include himself, two Council members (one from each Ward), one member of Township administration and at least two waste site attendants.

“We need the input from the attendants,” he said.

Dep. Mayor Helen Yanch said “we’ll have to have time to get the approvals for whatever we decide.”

“We can run as is until we get approvals,” Reavie said. “If we decide on a transfer site as we’re looking at now, it would just be a matter of tweaking a few things.

“We have approval for a transfer site.”

The meeting is scheduled for Nov. 20 in Flinton at 9am.

Cannabis decision time

Addington Highlands Council wants to get ahead of cannabis regulations and as such has scheduled a meeting Nov. 22 to discuss the matter after it received emails from the IBI group (a Canadian-based international professional services consulting company) and MP Mike Bossio on the subject.

“There is action required,” said Reeve Henry Hogg. “We have to have a decision by Jan. 22.”

“There’s a lot we need to learn — what we’re going to allow and where,” said Coun. Bill Cox. “If we’re going to protect our township, it looks like there’s a lot to do.”

“It’s a little overwhelming and there’s going to be a lot to address,” said Coun. Tony Fritsch.

Dep. Mayor Helen Yanch suggested inviting the township planner to the meeting.

“I’m not sure what she’s going to tell you and she still gets paid for coming,” said Cox.

“I’d like to hear what other municipalities are doing,” said Yanch.

The meeting is set for Nov. 22 at 10am..

Councillor Bill Cox was playing Santa Claus at Tuesday meeting.

Following separate requests from the Vennachar Free Methodist Church and the Flinton Community Club to use Township facilities at a reduced rate (or free), Cox said: “I’m in a Christmas mood, let’s give it to them for nothing.”

Council agreed.

Cuddy on fire regulations

Following a discussion led by Fire Chief Casey Cuddy on how Addington Highlands might jointly address the Eastern Ontario Regional Network with North Frontenac and Central Frontenac about communication concerns, Cuddy told Council that there were still some concerns about aspects of the Wynne government’s fire regulations he was having trouble with, notably the provisions for the fire chief to provide mandatory certification and reporting of all buildings in the Township.

“There’s no way I can check that every hunting camp in the Township is compliant,” he said.

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