| Apr 25, 2018

The Country Church, an evening of gospel music, has moved to the Verona Pentecostal Assembly and made its debut there Friday night.

Ross Clow and Old Hims (Dave Wright, Charlie King and Joe Saunders) opened the evening before bringing up the featured performers, Clear View.

In some circles, Clear View may be better known as Arden’s Matson Family and they’ve been playing together for some 20 years in various incarnations. Patriarch Glen Matson said they got started at the Pentecostal Church in Kaladar and have played “dozens of concerts” over the years.

“I sang in the church choir when I was that (holding his hand at his waist) big,” Matson said. “I still do.”

On any one given night, sons Derek (lead guitar) and Dwayne (bass), wife Betty (who was in Florida on this evening), Andrew, Dera-Lynn, Cay-Leigh, Cindy, and/or Chase (“who plays mandolin or whatever we give him) join together whether at home in the kitchen or on stage somewhere to present a family oriented gospel evening.

“We sing gospel songs for the Lord and we sing at home for fun,” Matson said. “We do a lot of things together.

“One of my favourites to do is How Great Thou Art but Derek’s written at least 20 songs and sometimes we do those.

“We have a bunch of songs we sing.”

He said they view their performing as “more of a ministry” as they hope people will find inspiration in their music.

And judging from the audience reaction Friday night, the 110 people or so in the audience did just that.

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