| Oct 18, 2017

No Trillium application for kitchen reno at Denbigh Community Centre
The township was preparing to submit a grant application to the Trillium Foundation to cover the long awaited kitchen renovation at the former Denbigh Schoolhouse. In order to apply, it is necessary to include three quotes for the work that the applicant intends to do. Councillor Tony Fritsch prepared a detailed scope of work and three contractors asked for the information package in order to submit bids, but all three decided not to bid.
“It was not the job itself, but the timing and having to guarantee a price for March of next year that stopped them from bidding”.
With no pricing available, the township will not be submitting a grant application this time around.

Bill for OPP
Council and the finance staff are not going to begin dealing with the 2018 budget for several months but they will need to come up with just a bit more money for policing next year. The 2018 OPP bill has been set at $780,379, up from $779,337 in 2017. OPP costs jumped several years ago and have now been phased in. The township paid $735,143 in 2016 and $580,450 in 2015.

Free use of Hall for Maltby Centre
The Maltby Centre (formerly Pathways for Children and Youth) provides mental health and autism services for children and youth in Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox and Addington. Jen Whalen, an Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker with Maltby is running a group called New Mentality, a peer support group for youth to reduce the stigma around mental health illness and help peers find a voice in telling their stories. The group runs from 2pm-6pm on Thursdays and Council agreed to provide free space for the group at the Flinton Hall each week.

Implications of Bill 148 on firefighting costs to be referred to AMO
Bill 148 – The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, has been widely discussed across the province because of its proposals regarding increases in the minimum wage in Ontario to $14 on January 1st 2018 and $15 on January 1st 2019.
Fire Chief Casey Cuddy looked at other provisions in the act in his report to the Kaladar-Barrie Joint Fire Board. His report poses questions about the wage paid to firefighters, because one of its provisions says that all employees, part-time included, must be paid the same rate that is paid to full-time employees doing that job. If that means firefighters in volunteer departments, who are considered township employees and not really volunteers, must be paid the same rate as full time firefighters, costs will escalate. The Act also calls for employees to be paid for three hours whenever they come in to work. In his report, Casey asked whether a 45 minute call involving 10 firefighters might cost $600 in wages instead of the current $250.

Council received the report and referred it to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) for analysis.
In response to another change coming from the Province of Ontario, whereby holders of “D” drivers licences are to be required to take a physical exam each time they apply for a renewal of their licence. The exams can cost up to $100, if a health practitioner even agrees to conduct them, and are not covered under OHIP. The change could effect costs in both Public Works and Fire Departments. Council passed a motion requesting staff to ask the Lakelands Family Health Team if they are willing to conduct the exams. If they aren’t, travel costs to far flung medical service providers could make the new regulation even more costly to the township.

No more dump diving
It is not permissible to remove items from waste sites in Addington Highlands. There are concerns over liability. Instead, Public Works Manager Brent Reavie will be reporting to Council about how other municipalities, such as some in Lanark County, offer re-use options at their sites. Reavie will also be arranging for the sale of scrap metal that has accumulated at the sites.

Intellivote engaged again for 2018
The township has contracted with Intellivote to conduct the 2018 municipal election. Ballots will be cast either by phone or Internet over a one week period and the results will be announced within minutes of the close of polls on election day. The price of the service will be less than it was in 2014.
The township does not put money aside for elections each year, so the cost of next year’s election will be born entirely by the 2018 budget.
It was suggested that the money realised through the sale of scrap be devoted to covering the cost of the election.
Public Works Manager Reavie said that it would be fine by him. “Sounds good. It’s kind of fitting, actually,” he said.

Remembrance Day Ceremonies
With the closure of the Northbrook Legion, the Arden Legion will be stepping in to conduct Remembrance Day Ceremonies in both Flinton and Denbigh. Because the Legion also holds ceremonies in Arden and Mountain Grove on November 11, the AH ceremonies will be held sometime on the weekend before Remembrance Day. The exact dates will be announced soon.

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