| Jan 17, 2008

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Feature Article - January 17 2008 Christie Lake secures support for Lake Management Plan

The Steering Committee of the Lake Management Planning Program is happy to announce that Christie Lake Association has been selected as the third lake to receive assistance under the Lake Management Planning (LMP) Program.

Lake management plans are action plans developed by a lake community to protect the health and character of their lake. Such plans can recommend stewardship actions that address current or potential issues, such as water quality and land use regulation. They may also form a valuable basis of understanding between the lake community and municipal authorities.

Throughout the summer and fall of 2007, the Christie Lake Association established a LMP Committee. Since then, the committee has been developing terms of reference along with initial goals, objectives and approach to the creation of their plan. One of the prime goals of the committee will be working to improve communication with property owners and users of the lake to build support as the lake plan progresses.

The Christie Lake Survey was also carried out over the past six months, giving residents the chance to express their views on the issues and challenges facing the lake. The survey feedback will provide a valuable foundation on which the next stages of the lake planning process will be based, including the production of a state of the lake report, scheduled for 2008. To date, the survey has received an impressive 40% response rate from the lake community. Property owners and users of Christie Lake can keep up to date on the lake planning process at the lake at http://www.christielakeassociation.com.

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