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Feature Article - April 24, 2008

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Feature Article -April 24, 2008 Central Frontenac Official Plan to receive the nod from province.By Jeff GreenIt’s been over two years since Central Frontenac Council began a review of their Official Plan, and 18 months since council sent in their amended Official Plan to the province for approval.

Since then Laurie Miller, a planner with the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, has made several trips to Central Frontenac, each time with suggestions from the ministry about changes they would like to see.

Laurie Miller again appeared before council at a special planning meeting this week to talk about a few wording changes in the document.

The final issue that came up for debate had to do with council’s desire to allow for certain kinds of ancillary structures, such as gazebos, to be constructed less than 30 metres from the shoreline on existing lots, under certain conditions.

Miller said the ministry would acquiesce, but proposed that sheds not be permitted less than 30 metres from the shore.

“The reason is that sheds could contain toxic substances, such as gasoline and solvents, which we would not like to see stored that close to the water,” she said.

Council agreed, and ministry approval for the document should be forthcoming.

In a reflection of the advances made by the Algonquin Land Claims process in recent years, the Ministry sought comment on the Official Plan from Robert Potts, Principal Negotiator to the Algonquin Land Claim.

Potts’ letter of reply expressed wholehearted approval of the plan.

The Shabot Obaadjiwaan First Nation is a party to the Algonquin Land Claim. The Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, which also has a significant number of members in Central Frontenac, is not.

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