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Feature Article - April 3, 2008

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Feature Article -April 3, 2008 South Frontenac Council By Wilma Kenny

"We’re in favour of composting, but at what price?"

Two large delegations from Central Frontenac made strong pleas for support from South Frontenac in their bid to get more information about Earthworx’ proposal to establish a composting facility on the north side of Westport Road in Hinchinbrooke district. Speaking on behalf of 13 Island Lake residents, Glenna Asselstine said her group was concerned about a proposed zoning change from "a compost facility for processing leaf and yard waste which originates from the municipality," to one which would "include the processing of source separated organics" from an unspecified radius. Asselstine said they have been unofficially told by Earthworx that the site might eventually process organics from Kingston, and possibly as far away as Quinte. She listed concerns about odour, traffic, air and groundwater pollution and loss of property values. Both she and a representative from Blakely Cottage Association asserted that the present site is already receiving much waste that is not compostable. They hauled out a large garbage bag of plastics, rubber and metal recently gathered from the site to illustrate their point. They also brought an aerial photo showing the proximity of the site to neighbouring residences and to the lake.

Mayor Davison pointed out that the presenters would have to work with Central Frontenac Council to resolve this issue. However, Council passed a motion addressed to Central Frontenac supporting the ratepayers of Central Frontenac in their wish to have full disclosure of the plans underlying the proposed zone change, and an opportunity to present their concerns, so that a fully informed decision could be made.

Compensation for Conferences

Council passed a motion to include full days’ compensation (for meals and incidentals) for part days attended at conferences, as well as full ones.

K&P Trail Development

Council passed a motion to authorize the transfer of $20,000 from the K&P Acquisition Reserve Fund to the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority for completion of trail development from Harrowsmith to Hartington. The K&P reserve fund had been created from the money contributed by Bedford district from their recreation reserves for purchase of the trail, after provincial COMRIF funding became available to cover most the purchase expenses. Councilors Robinson, Hicks and Fillion were opposed.

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