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Feature Article - May 29, 2008

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Feature Article - May 29, 2008 South Frontenac Council talks again about official plan, waste managementBy Jeff Green

South Frontenac Council spent the bulk of this week’s Committee-of-the-Whole meeting re-hashing issues that have divided them in recent weeks and months.

Well over a year after beginning what was to be a one-year review of their official plan, a proposal to change two provisions in the plan was once again debated. Both have to do with the creation of new lots. The first is a proposal to allow lots to be created on private lanes. Currently only waterfront lots can be created on private lanes, according to the existing official plan.

The second proposal is about resetting the clock. As of September of 2000, any existing lot can only be subdivided into three lots. Advocates of resetting the clock want three new lots to be allowed from an existing lot as of 2008. (All new lots must be the township minimum of one hectare in size no matter what the clock says).

Planner Lindsay Mills has recommended against the two changes.

Council spent the better part of an hour discussing how to resolve the diverging opinions that councilors hold on these issues, and finally decided to take a vote at a regular council meeting on June 17 on Mills’ recommendations.

Whatever decision council reaches will then be presented for comment to a public meeting before a final vote is taken.


A motion to receive a comprehensive waste management plan and refer it to a public meeting was rejected at a council meeting last week, and Mayor Davison proposed that the plan be sent to the waste management committee to be reworked and brought back to council.

The councilors who had defeated the plan said this was merely a way of sliding it back on the table, but Mayor Davison said that the sustainability committee, which includes public representation as well as members of council, would bring back an amended plan for council to consider.

A straw vote yielded a 5-4 result in favour of Davison’s proposal, and the sustainability committee will have an opportunity, at their June 5 meeting, to come up with an amended report which will be back in front of council on either June 17 or July 8.

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