| Aug 28, 2008

Feature Article - August 28, 2008

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Feature Article - August 28, 2008 Arden’s Batik ArtistBy Ina Hunt Turner

Sarah Hale is truly one of a kind. Or at least one of a very few.

She first became interested in batik when she spent a year in Japan after receiving a degree in English Lit. at Colby College in Maine. She was at that time already a painter and batik interested her very much. After she settled in Arden, she had the opportunity to pursue batiking as an art form and a business. She wanted to try to combine landscape art with batik and she has successfully accomplished that, one of the very few batik artists to do so. She often features the rocky scenery found right here in Arden. In order to create her beautiful work, a very intricate process of waxing and dyeing is involved. Sarah's pieces have been displayed at major art shows in Toronto and Ottawa and have been bought by collectors worldwide.

She recently completed an MCS degree at Regent College specializing in Christianity and the Arts.

Her studio is located at 1029 Elm Tree Road in Arden and her business hours in the summer are Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am-5 pm. Feel free to browse because there is a lot to see. As well as her larger showpieces, the studio has Sarah's originals on smaller gift pieces, greeting cards and miniatures.

Also, this weekend, Sarah will be participating in the Inroads Craft Tour

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