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Feature Article - April 5, 2007

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Feature Article - April 5, 2007

South Frontenac Township

by Wilma Kenny

Organizational Review to Precede Waste Master Plan Discussions

Last year, CEO Gord Burns prepared an organizational review that addressed the various issues still to be resolved in the township’s progress toward amalgamation. To date, this has been discussed only in camera. Burns announced that an updated version of this review has been completed, and may be brought before the Committee of the Whole next week. (April 10) Council agreed unanimously to defer any recommendation concerning the development of a Waste Master Plan until further discussion of the organizational review. There was general consensus that any attempt to amalgamate waste services across the township would be complicated and controversial, and might well require public meetings.


Council agreed unanimously to maintain the status quo on bag tags for this year (100 a year per household, different colours for each district), but only councilors Hicks and Hahn supported a motion to provide an additional recycling box to each household, in order to simplify the split stream recycling.


Council approved Planning Coordinator Lindsay Mills’ recommendation to hire Ainley Consulting Engineers and Planners to undertake a review and revision of the Township’s Official Plan. This is in accordance with the provincial requirement that township plans be updated every five years. Public consultation is an important part of the process: the projected schedule anticipates public open houses in August or September, to accommodate seasonal property owners.


In their annual report, the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve noted that over the past two years, they have brought over $350,000 into the region in the form of grants and contracts. However, as none of this money goes toward the management expenses of the biosphere organization itself, Council voted to give them a grant of $500. Councilors York, Fillion and Robinson were opposed. By the end of this month, all of South Frontenac Township will be included in the Biosphere Reserve.


Snow’s gone (almost), but it’s left behind a whole winter’s worth of roadside garbage. We can all help by picking up a big yellow and black garbage bag (from Trousdale’s in Sydenham, Lions Hall Verona, and other local outlets - phone the township for the one nearest you,) and filling it with roadside junk. (Just please, save the aluminum cans aside for recycling - they help fund our waste programs!)

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