| May 24, 2007

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Feature Article - 24, 2007

Community garden a positive experience

Submitted by Larry Pealow

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Community Garden build Day at Pine Meadow Nursing Home a great success. In just over two hours on May 12 about 30 people, some as young as five, met at the new community garden site and worked together to construct four raised garden beds, while many residents enjoyed watching the whirl wind of activity.


The garden has become a reality thanks to Land o’ Lakes Community Services, who granted use of the site and the support of many volunteers, community members and local businesses. A special thank you goes out to the residents and staff of Pine Meadow Nursing Home, and Andy Anderson for the use of his front-loading tractor. The garden is part of a larger plan called the Land O’ Lakes Food Security Initiative, which focuses on improving the health and vitality of communities in the Land O’ Lakes area by promoting strategies for increasing local sustainable food production.Founding members of this group are Tom Arniel, Andy Anderson and Larry Pealow.

The volunteers gratefully acknowledge the generous donation of soil by Gilles Paquette, wood for the raised beds from Thomco of Tweed and retaining stakes from Yourway Building Centre, Northbrook.

They are currently in the planning stage for a broader range of food sustainability. For more information or to get involved in the garden or other initiatives related to food security, call Tom at (613) 336-1555.

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