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Feature Article - May 31, 2007

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Feature Article - 31, 2007

Vandalism in Sydenham Cemetery

by Wilma Kenny

When I visited the Sydenahm cemetery after Friday night’s destruction, I saw that it stretches on and on, apparently random throughout.

No casual prank this, the scattered broken stones reflect malice, deliberation and intensity. I briefly wondered what combination of stupidity, drunkenness and alienation would bring people to this.

Then I came upon my great-great grandfather’s stone split and shattered, for it had been cut from the local, brittle limestone, and I no longer cared why.

Village reaction has been quick and strong. Although technically the stones are the property of the families that erected them, there is a powerful sense of community ownership, community violation that must be righted. Percy Snider, the cemetery’s caretaker, reports that people immediately began offering money for a reward.

The Loughborough District Firemen’s Association have agreed to join the mayor, a retired stonemason, to form a Saturday work party. They are also offering money toward the cost of the repair work.


Mayor Davison has announced a "substantial" award to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of the vandals. The Township number is: 613 376-3027, or the OPP can be contacted at 613 372-1932.

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