| Sep 20, 2007

Feature Article - September 20, 2007 Feature Article - September 20, 2007

Addington Highlands Council, Sept. 17by Jule Koch Brison

While other municipalities are watching the available space in their waste sites shrink, Addington Highlands has been working towards a tenfold expansion of the Denbigh Waste Site. The plans for the expansion have been drawn up and were on display at Monday night’s council meeting. It has taken about 60 years of operation to fill up the site’s 3000 cubic metres. The expansion “will give us 30,000 cubic metres of additional space”, said Township Clerk Jack Pauhl. It was also pointed out that the township now has recycling, and that should grant even more years to the site.

Councilor Eythel Grant asked if the township would wait to get approval from the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) or go ahead and buy the properties around the site. Jack Pauhl replied that the site needs buffers anyway, whether the approval is granted or not.

Council will draw up the application to the MoE.

The skatepark in Northbrook is almost completed. The last of the concrete was poured on Monday.

Injunction _served

Among the changes to the Municipal Act will take effect on January 1, 2008, is the requirement for municipalities to hire a Closed Meeting Investigator. This would permit any person to request an investigation of a session or part of a session that was closed to the public. Brian Donaldson of Kingston has submitted the most reasonable quote for the work and at the next meeting, council will pass a bylaw to hire him.

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