| Dec 03, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - December 3, 2009Ompah athlete honouredBy Linda Rush

Ompah athlete Stan Seitz has been chosen as the Ontario Masters 2009 Athlete of the year in the jump division. Stan entered a number of competitions this year, competing in high jump and pole vault. He placed first in his age group in all indoor and outdoor meets in Ontario in the high jump, and placed first in most of them in the pole vault. In February Stan broke the 32-year-old Canadian record in the high jump. In the pole vault, while he didn’t break the Canadian record this year, he did challenge it twice, and hopes, with a newly purchased vault pole, to break that record next year.

These track events are fairly new for Stan, at least in the last few decades, when Stan has concentrated on long distance running. He has competed in many races, including marathons, and is a well-known sight in the Ompah area, as he continues to train on the roads almost every day.

Stan and his wife Marily will be in Toronto this weekend to receive his award at the Ontario Masters Awards Banquet. Not a bad achievement for a grandfather!

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