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Feature Article - April 27, 2006

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Feature Article - April 27, 2006

High salt levels in water

by JeffGreen

Central Frontenac Township officials confirmed this week that elevated salt readings have been found in water tests at the township garage located on Road 38 between Godfrey and Parham. Elevated salt levels have also been found in the wells on neighbouring properties as well.

The township stores a salt/sand mixture in a large pile at the site.

Bill Nicol, the Public Works manager for Central Frontenac, said that the provincial Ministry of The Environment contacted the township about the salt levels in the groundwater in the vicinity of the garage, and requested that the township investigate the cause of the heightened levels.

Jackie Theoret, the eastern regional communications advisor for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MoE) told the News that a neighbouring resident complained about salty water in August of 2005.


“An environmental officer attended the site and took a water sample. When lab results indicated elevated levels of sodium, the officer returned to collect samples at the township yard and two additional wells. Lab results indicated elevated sodium levels in three of the four samples,” said Theoret.

Theoret also said that “preliminary investigations indicate salt storage practices in township garage to be the most likely source [of the elevated levels],” and the MoE has requested that the township submit a work plan to investigate the off-site impacts of the salt storage.

“In accordance with that request, we have contracted Golder and Associates to do an engineering study,” said Bill Nicol. “They will be reporting back to us in June, and we will have to take appropriate measures at that point.”

In the meantime, the affected residents have been provided with bottled water at the expense of the township.

The township’s work plan, which is under consideration as Central Frontenac Council considers their budget this month, includes the construction of a salt containment dome, with an asphalt ground cover, at the Godfrey garage site.

The township has set aside monies in the past two years to go towards salt containment structures in the township, in accordance with provincial regulations regarding salt containment.

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