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Feature Article - April 20, 2006

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Feature Article - April 20, 2006

AddingtonHighlands Council -- April 18, 2006

by JuleKochBrison

Hall Renovations: Council received only one tender for renovations at the Flinton Hall, for $6,831, and voted to accept it. The plans for renovations at the Denbigh Hall are finally ready to be put out to tender.

The Flinton Recreation Club requested that they be allowed to remove a wall between the utility room and the kitchen area of the canteen at the Flinton Hall. Permission was granted subject to approval from the building inspector

The Library Board asked for permission to remove part of a wall at the Denbigh library because when children are in the room it encloses, the librarian cannot see what is going on. Council granted the request subject to approval by the building inspector.


Addington Highlands will be holding a contest for homeowners to beautify their properties. The area will be divided by postal codes e.g. Kaladar, Denbigh, etc., and homeowners who always have taken care to make their properties attractive will be eligible too. Local businesses will be asked to donate prizes and the judges will travel through the areas to make their decisions.

Interesting film footage from the 1967 Centennial celebrations in the Denbigh area was discovered when the library was cleaned up. The films have been put on DVDs, which will be sold for $10 as a fundraiser for the library. The footage recorded fishing derbies, Santa Claus parades, track and field events, and boring holes in the 4 foot deep ice on Denbigh Lake . “Pretty well everyone in Denbigh is on there,” commented Reeve Hook.

An agreement with the Town of Renfrew for hazardous waste disposal is ready to sign. The service will be available from May to August.

The Recreation Facilities Committee has recommended to council that the township’s snowblower and lawnmower in Denbigh be sold, and that whoever wins the tender for rink attendant be required to supply their own equipment. Councilor Cox said that the equipment has been broken and would be too expensive to fix.

Council voted to change their pay from a per diem rate to per annum. The new salaries are: Reeve - $10,000 per annum; Deputy Reeve - $7000 per annum; Councilors - $5,000 per annum. The mileage rate for councilors and township employees was raised from 38 cents/km to 40 cents/km.

Conestoga Rovers, a firm that approached the township with a proposal to investigate the feasibility of wind power generation, will need certain data. The MNR has the data, but AH has to join a data exchange to access it. The cost is $1000, but Township CAO Jack Pauhl did not know whether that was a one-time or a yearly fee. Reeve Hook said the wind power would be such a positive thing for the township that he didn’t want to turn anyone off the proposal, but as Conestoga Rovers had approached the township saying there would be no charge to AH, he felt that the cost of the data should be shared. Council will wait for further details.

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