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Feature Article - April 6, 2006

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Feature Article - April 6, 2006

SouthFrontenac Council

byWilma Kenny

ATV By-law

After voting not to discard a one-year ‘sunset clause,’ Council passed a by-law regulating the operation of ATVs on municipal highways. Representatives from the South Frontenac ATV club thanked them for their cooperation, saying club membership had risen over the past year. All agreed there were less problems with ATV use of the roads than had been feared, although some concerns remain about lack of helmets, carrying passengers and abuse of private property.

Councillor Roos asked what was being done to prevent ATVs using the Cataraqui Trail, which remains a problem. The club representatives said they didn’t see why the Cataraqui Trail didn’t just charge membership and allow trail use. The mayor noted that the trail was being monitored by the OPP, and fines for trespassing were steep, up to $800.

Granny Flat


The mayor broke a tie vote to approve Heath Gurr’s application to build a temporary second dwelling (a ‘granny flat’) near his home on Buck Lake, Bedford District. This will be located above a garage and will have its own septic bed. Councillors Stowe and Vandewal pointed out that such additions were usually attached to the main house, and shared septic facilities with the house.

They also questioned the appropriateness of its being located up a flight of stairs. It was pointed out that even though the present property owner was acting in good faith, it would be easy for such a flat to become a second cottage on the property. The temporary dwelling by-law requires all kitchen and bathroom facilities to be removed after 10 years, or once the need for occupancy ceases, or if the property is sold.

Septic Reinspection

Council accepted KFL&A Public Health Unit’s proposal to undertake inspections of 200 sewage systems at Green Bay of Bob’s lake and part of Sydenham Lake , at a cost of $9,471. Almost $4,000 toward this will come from funds not used by the program last year. The remainder comes $1838 above the proposed 3% budget increase for 2006, but works out to much less per inspection than the proposal submitted by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, which would have inspected only 100 systems.

Township Organizational Review

As part of this review, all councillors and staff will be interviewed in mid-April for their thoughts on a range of issues, including workloads, communications, area rating, long-range planning and service delivery.

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