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Feature Article - May 7, 2006

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Feature Article - May 7, 2006

Signs point to doctor recruitment

by Jeff Green

As the peak summer months approach, a new sign campaign is being planned for Hwy. 41.

As part of a doctor recruitment program to augment the service offered by Doctor Tobia at the Northbrook clinic, participating businesses will be posting messages on their promotional billboards with variations on the message: “We need a doctor, to work Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30, call 336-8888.”

Ken Douglass, a member of the Addington Highlands Economic Development Committee, has been spearheading he doctor recruitment campaign for the township, and he hopes to get the attention of the hundreds of thousands of travellers that use the highway each summer.

“The idea has been tried elsewhere, and I thought it was worth a try here,” said Douglass.


Addington Highlands has been participating in doctor recruitment events over the past couple of years, and has established a policy whereby the township will pay one year’s tuition for a student doctor in exchange for a commitment to work in the township for one year.

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