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Feature Article - June 22, 2006

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Feature Article - June 22, 2006

SouthFrontenacCouncil by Wilma Kenny

Sydenham Water Start-Up Imminent Although at the time of Council meeting the water start-up date had not been set, CAO Gord Burns said it could be as early as June 22. Council received a draft of the newsletter that is being prepared for Sydenham residents, discussing the four costs associated with the new water system: capital, connection to home, plumbing and water rates. The proposed monthly fixed rate of $41.76 would include $4.50, to cover the cost of 18 cubic metres of water. Any water drawn beyond that amount would be billed at $0.25 per cubic meter. These are preliminary figures: Council will hold a public meeting on July 25, at 7:00 pm in Sydenham to formally review the rates. The monthly fixed rate will not be imposed until September 1st : after that all property owners, connected or not, will pay it.


Sydenham Water Relief FundApproximately $6,200 was donated by South Frontenac taxpayers toward the Sydenham Water Relief Fund, which will be distributed to low income families and individuals in the Sydenham water area .by Central Frontenac Community Services. CFCSC has requested 10% of the money being distributed as an administrative fee, and Council agreed to pay them $620.

Household Hazardous Waste DayCouncil approved a second HHW day in July, with Councillors Barr and Robinson opposed. The date’s not finalized, but it may be as early as July 15, depending when Brendar Enviro is available to set it up. All possible effort will be made to shorten the wait times.

Bag TagsCouncil discussed the complaints from residents who wish to be able to continue to use up their plastic bag tags. This seems to come from the perception that they had ‘paid for’ the tags. Most Councillors agreed that whether or not there were bag tags, all homeowners paid a set rate on their tax bills for garbage pick-up. The bag tags were an attempt to encourage people to put out less garbage, and seem to be working, in conjunction with the recycling program. Councillor Vandewal suggested that perhaps the situation would be clearer if households were issued fewer free tags, but could purchase additional ones, or if homeowners had to purchase all their bag tags, and could choose how many they needed.

New Job Preparation Programs Come to HartingtonRose Strohmaier, teacher at the South Frontenac Community Learning Centre in Hartington described six pre-employment courses which will be offered this September: food counter attendant, skilled labourer, personal support worker, call centre rep, hospitality worker and landscape/grounds maintenance. They also hold parenting workshops and offer upgrading in English, math and computer skills. All programs are free, and open to adults over 18. For further information, call 613 372-2111.

Trousdale’s General Store’s 170th Anniversary CelebrationCouncil endorsed in principle Ginny Trousdale’s request for partial street closure on the afternoon of September 16, for an Abrams Brothers concert and downtown village celebration.

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