| Aug 10, 2006

Feature Article - August 10, 2006

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Feature Article - August 10, 2006

Knitters for GlobalWarmth

by PeggyBeckett


What takes up a space 3 feet high by 4 feet wide and 15 inches deep in my bedroom? The answer is 213 knitted articles you have sent me this past couple of months!Thankfully, my brother and sister-in-law delivered them to Kids Alive in Cambrdige this week so I now have room for more.Articles came from Renfrew, Kazabazua, Osgoode, Kars , North Gower, Kingston , Maberly, and Sharbot Lake . People have donated more yarn also, so if you are in need, call me at 613-268-2443. As promised, here is info on Kids Alive. This is an international organization committed to "rescue orphans and umprotected kids, restore their dignity and create hope for their future". They operate in Zambia , Haiti , Peru , Kenya , Guatemala , Dominican Republic , Papua New Guinea , Romania , Lebanon , Taiwan , Hong Kong, and Myanmar . KNITTERS is operating through this organization to speed up delivery of your knitting to where it is needed.If you want to learn more, the website is www.kidsalive.ca. Take care and keep knitting. It is good to keep arthritic fingers moving.

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