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Feature Article - August 3, 2006

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Feature Article - August 3, 2006

ScottyBabcock and the Firemen

by Wilma Kenny

When the Children’s Wish Foundation suggested a trip to Disneyland or perhaps to a Tim McGraw concert for thirteen year old Scotty Babcock, his mom, Theresa, turned them down. She knew her son, who had Downs Syndrome, would be overwhelmed and frightened by either experience. "Scotty’s real heroes were firemen," she told those present at South Frontenac Township Council earlier this week, "so the Foundation got in touch with the fire department for us."

She went on to describe her son’s delight in riding in a fire truck and watching the water rescue team at practice. He loved the special fireman’s helmet the South Frontenac firemen had made for him, and wore it constantly. He looked forward to their visits.

When Scotty died of leukemia at the end of June this year, the Babcock family invited South Frontenac Fire & Rescue to participate in his memorial service.


In Scotty’s memory, and to honour the firemen for their kindness and generosity, the Babcocks have arranged that a plaque be given annually in Scotty’s name to a fire department member who has performed "above and beyond the call of duty" in South Frontenac.

On August 1st, Theresa Babcock presented the first award to Captain Bill Jones and Firefighter Stan Richards. Chief Chesebrough noted that both men had given generously of their personal time and energy in a number of fire department areas. Scotty’s grandfather added his heartfelt thanks to the members of the local fire department.

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