| Oct 20, 2005

Feature Article - October 20, 2005

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Feature Article

October 20, 2005

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South Frontenac Council report

by Wilma Kenny

Road Show Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest Mayor Lake announced that this would be the last regular Council meeting held outside the township hall in Sydenham. Since amalgamation, the second meeting of the month has traditionally been rotated throughout the district, to Bedford, Portland and Storrington, although very few residents come out to these meetings. One Storrington ratepayer complained that this made it awkward for local residents to attend Council meetings. He was assured that if there were an issue of strong interest to a particular area of the Township, Council would be prepared to meet in that district.


MOE Approves Mitchell Creek BridgeL. Broten, Minister of the Environment, has notified the Township (October 13) that it may proceed with replacement of the Mitchell Creek Bridge, without having to carry out an individual environmental assessment. The MOE will however require the Township to apply for boat speed restrictions in the bridge area, and to erect signs advising boats to proceed with caution, indicating that the area surrounding the bridge is a sensitive wildlife area. As well, the Township must hire a consultant to conduct an inventory of the area, to determine whether there are "Species at Risk or other sensitive wildlife" in the area. If such are identified, the Township must prepare and implement a protection plan under the supervision of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Fulfilment of these requirements is to be reported to the MOE.

Waste Management/Recycling DecisionsCouncil passed a by-law approving a schedule of fees for tires, appliances, furniture, etc brought to local waste disposal sites. As of November 1st, brush and leaves will no longer be accepted at any of the sites. Residents are reminded that all garbage bags must be tagged: as of November 1st, any untagged bags will be reported to the By-law Enforcement Officer for investigation. All residences have been issued enough tags for an average of two bags per week: additional tags will cost $3. It is intended that this enforcement of a garbage limit will encourage residents to recycle as much waste as possible, which in turn will lower the township’s overall waste management costs. On November 1st, the hours of operation for the Portland Site will be reduced to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and the recycling depots in Portland and Loughborough will close. Percy Snider has been awarded the contract for pick up and disposal of recyclables in the districts of Portland and Loughborough.

Here, Kitty, Kitty...Council receives a wad of information material each month that usually doesn’t require action. This month, they learned that although the official position of the Ministry of Natural Resources is that there are no wild cougars or pumas in the Oro-Medonte area (between Barrie and Orillia,) the Ontario Puma Foundation thinks otherwise. And so does the farmer in that area who’s claiming compensation for the killing of livestock by a cougar.

Suspicious Group Reported Hanging Around Cars Police followed up on this report, to find "a group of seniors had gathered to discuss the finer points of their vehicles."

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