Catherine Reynolds | Nov 28, 2018

Watching helplessly as a child slips into frigid water under a broken ice shelf is a parent’s worst nightmare.

Speaking in Sydenham on a Sunday on Sunday, (November 25), Rob Pasch talked  about the device he has invented to counter the danger of open water in winter.

“It’s not about money, it’s about safety,” he said about  about his illuminated buoy that can prevent accidents and keep a person afloat or guide them to safety if they fall in.

A cottage owner on Knowlton Lake, Rob thought of the product when he couldn’t buy one.

“I was looking to purchase something like that for myself and there was nothing available on the market so I made it,” he explained. “It’s a device that’s quite unique in its own right. It saves lives and mitigates a property owner’s liability. From here to Florida, there is nothing that will safeguard people from open water systems.”

Called the RescueBubblerBuoy ™ , the product was officially launched Nov. 1.

The three main features are: • a bright blue LED light that shines from dusk to dawn • the ability to hold the weight of someone who has fallen into the water • a tether which can be used by people to pull themselves to shore or safety

“For the sake of $500, this mitigates the potential of a lawsuit and can save lives,” says the 66-year-old father of three.

Originally from Holland, Rob moved to Canada in 1969. He works as a travelling orthodontic associate for five dental clinics in the Greater Toronto Area.

“I came to Canada when I was 17,” said  the Queen’s University Alumnus, and University of Toronto Graduate.

“I’m an individual who enjoys the chosen path in life,” he said  when asked to describe himself. “I enjoy providing opportunities to my children and grandchildren because I know what it’s like to not be supported. Hopefully I’m able to do that for them which stems from my childhood days.”

Clearly passionate about the health and wellbeing of others, Rob’s device is insured, approved by the Canadian Coast Guard and pending a patent.

“It’s different. There’s nothing like it on the market,” he said.  “I’m proud of it. It’s definitely a product that has a need.”

According to Rob, many people are concerned about the increasing number of de-icers on the lakes which are used to prevent ice build-up around docks, boathouses and other

structures. The de-icers create open water which is often not visible to fast moving snowmobilers, despite warnings such as signs and possibly lights.

“They don’t know if there is a de-icer there or not,” says Rob. Citing section 263 of the Canadian Criminal Code, Rob says it is the property owner’s responsibility (or the person who creates the open water) to alert people to the hazard.

“If people don’t see the opening, they could potentially fall in,” he said. “The RescueBubblerBuoy ™ gives you an indication of something you want to be aware of.

“The mindset is changing now,” he said Rob. “It used to be that the fall was levied against the person falling in, now it’s the other way around. What has the property owner done to safeguard against potential injuries. It’s a different mindset now.”

“I thought the RescueBubblerBuoy would be useful. People need that stuff.”

To find out more, please contact Rob at 647-207-7398 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., “Rescue Bubbler Buoy” on Facebook or to order; Go to

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