Jun 09, 2021

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by Wanda Harrison

Circle Square Ranch will be hosting a BBQ chicken feast as their last community dinner before camp this summer.  There will be take out and outdoor seating options available.  Pick up will be between 5:30pm and 6:00pm, with the seated dinner served at 6:00pm.  Please pay what you can.  All proceeds will go towards summer camp.  Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 613-335-5403.

Always providing community support, RFCS will hold Zoom sessions so residents can learn what is available if you require special support.  Please call 613-279-3151 for more information.  RFCS Earlyon also helps parents with rainy day activities and crafts.  Their website or their Facebook page will give you all of the information you may need. 

Another source of information is the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.  They provide online reading of books and show videos as well.

In our hot, humid weather, visit our two local chip trucks in Arden (C4Country Convenience) and Kaladar (Gala Pit Stop).  Either can fill your needs and your tummies.

Great to hear the loons back on the lake.  Boaters, please take care.

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by Amanda Pantrey

A very happy birthday to Roberta Smith. I hope you have a wonderful day! Sending you lots of love!

Happy birthday to my twinny twin! It’s hard to believe we found the secret age potion and now we’re 25 again…

What is a duck’s favourite snack? Cheese and quackers! That little gem was sent to me by Don up in Parham. Thanks for the laugh, Don!

It’s June 10th… Whenever I hear that date I think of ‘June 10th, 2017’. With a lot of help from my family and this community, we held a fundraiser at the Lion’s Hall to raise money towards revitalizing the playground in Battersea. It was a night filled with laughs, wonderful music from Jordy Jackson and Mindy Fillion, great food prepared by June Jackson, a silent auction, wine pull, and celebrity pie in the face… It costed about $300 to host that event and because of the generosity this community, we raised over $6000 that night. Incredible! It makes my heart so happy when I drive by the park and see kids out there playing. I’ll be forever grateful to everyone for all the support in getting that project complete; it is such an asset for our little village.

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Cloyne - Northbrooke
by Nancy Skipper

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America. It is fun for beginners and for advanced players who seek more competition. It is played on a badminton court sized surface and the participants use paddles and a whiffle ball. Some people call it a small version of tennis. Teams of two are separated by a net and the game can also be played in singles for the energetic. 

We plan to play on the tennis/pickleball courts just North of Cloyne on Highway 41- call Peter at 289-312-0427 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

From Finnegan’s General Store: “A shout out to all our fellow local small businesses for a great summer season. We all survived the winter while dealing with COVID. Here’s to a great summer Hearth At Home, Milligan’s Meats, Smart’s Marina, The Maz, Friends of Bon Echo, Hunter’s Creek Golf Club, Castle Hooks, Superior Foods, Yourway Home Hardware, Hot Rod Smokehouse, The Mazinaw Inn, Tim’s Auto Body, Nowell Motors, and so many other small businesses in the community. #smallbusineematters, #supportsmallbusiness, #cloynersrocks!”

Hunter’s Creek Golf Course has exciting news for disc golf enthusiasts! “Hunter’s Creek has expanded its disc golf course from a 9 hole pitch / putt setup in the back of the property to a full 18 hole setup throughout the golf course. This has truly been a team effort and we’d like to take a moment to thank all the people who have helped out with this setup. Thank you Jeff MacKeigan and Cara Hovius at ChainLink Disc Golf for designing a 3 course layout which brings the disc golf course onto our golf course. Their focus is truly on inclusion and making sure the course is designed to be fun for everyone through 3 different layouts, which they call: Ace Run, The Main, and Super 9. ‘Ace Run’ is setup for new players, families, or people looking to warm up before they play The Main. Par 3, min hole distance: 112 feet, max hole distance: 273 feet, 18 holes. Minimal water hazard with light tree covering. ‘The Main’ is focused on more advanced players, or players looking to warm up before they tackle the Super 9. Par 3, min hole distance: 202 feet, max hole distance: 522 feet, 18 holes. Water hazards and some treed holes in play. Look out for the signature hole 6! ‘Super 9’ is focused on pro players who are looking to BOMB big drives, create their own lines and separate the frisbee golfers from the disc golfers. Par 3s &4s, min distance: 372 feet, max distance: 809 feet, 9 holes. Multiple hazards are in play. Our next thank you goes to James Knox, the President of the Peterborough Disc Golf Club. James has been coming to Hunter’s Creek since he was a kid and has spent multiple weekends installing our 18 Dynamic Disc Veteran baskets. The vibe at Hunter’s Creek is very friendly, and we’re excited to meet more players from the disc golf community. Hunter’s Creek is 100% open to the public, fully licensed, with golf carts rentals available, a restaurant, a pro shop, and camping available on site. We’re also investigating a disc golf league night, as well as glow disc golf and an inaugural disc golf tournament, once COVID protocols allow it. Jeff and Cara always tell us about the great disc golf community and we couldn’t be more excited to meet you all.”

The Land O’Lakes Rescue Petting Farm is having a Fund Raiser Yard Sale on July 3rd and 4, 2012 from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Raise money for the rescued animals! Be part of something that matters! Bring your empties, donate items to the sale, bring your money and buy something. Come for a tour and visit the animals. Admission to farm $10.00 each. No charge for 2 & under. Food, ice cream and drinks available for purchase. Crafts for the children to create, cookie decorating and entertainment. Fun for the whole family. Covid restrictions will be in place. Bring your mask. Let’s keep everyone safe. All proceeds will go directly back to the farm for the care of rescued animals!

Mazinaw Lake Swim Program goes online, again! The Mazinaw Lake Swim Program has decided that it is necessary to suspend in-person lessons for the 2021 season due to Covid-19. The program will have information, swimming lesson skills and safety tips on their website at www.Mazinawswim.com - follow along to keep water safe this summer. We have some fun activities planned, and will keep swimmers and their families informed about these activities via our website and social media @MazinawSwim. We plan to return to Bon Echo Park in full force to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2022! Happy swimming, be safe!

Please join us at the Land O' Lakes Lions Club Farmers Market starting this Saturday June 5th from 10am - 1pm.  The market will run every Saturday until September 4th at the Lions Club on Highway 41 in Northbrook. 

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Angela Bright

Meals on Wheels has a new menu!  The meal for Thursday, June 17 is soup & roll, fried chicken and a lemonicious square for dessert. Thursday, June 24th is soup & roll, sliced turkey cold plate, with a brownie for dessert. Wednesday, July 1st is soup & roll, beef pot roast and macaroon madness for dessert.  If you or someone you know would benefit from these fantastic meals, please give Land O' Lakes Community Services a call at 613-336-8934.

Due to COVID-19, Addington Highlands public libraries have decided to stay on winter hours starting June 1st.  Denbigh hours are as follows:  Monday 4-6pm, Tuesday 10-2pm, Wednesday 3-6pm, Thursday 12-3pm, Saturday 9-noon.  Libraries are open for curbside pick-up of library materials, limited computer use, printing and faxing services.

The next day the Denbigh Food Bank will be open is Tuesday, June 22nd.  Pick up time is 11am at the Addington Highlands Community Centre.  COVID rules in place.  Food Bank dates are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.  Contact Gail at 613 333 2224 in advance.

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Marie White

Sincere sympathy to the family of Karen Elliott, who passed on to eternity. Karen was a well-known hairdresser in our community for a few years. Get well wishes are in store for her husband, Eric, who has suffered four heart attacks. So sad. Hope their daughter, Becky, will be able to stay strong, looking after her dad.

Balloons and birthday greetings will be flying under the Harlowe downtown city lights on June 19th. The lucky lady is Janet Hawley, who will be celebrating her 70th year. Happy birthday, Janet, and all the trimmings, which may include a bit of champagne.

Anyone wishing for a tan sure can get it in this weather. Good heat for to get the garden starting to grow, as long as there is a watering can involved, to dampen the soil.

Happy belated birthday to Helen Osborne, who will be celebrating June 9th with candles, cake and hubby. Many more, Helen. On June 12th , she and Bruce will be celebrating 63 years (same man) of marriage. How sweet. Happy anniversary and many more to come.

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Marilyn Goodberry

Cold plate - Harrowsmith Golden Links Hall.  PICK UP between 4:30pm and 6:00pm. Advance tickets ONLY, with a cut off date of June 16. Tickets $15.00.  Tickets available at Sydenham One Stop, Harrowsmith Gas Station, Hartington Gas Station and Asselstine Hardware in Verona. For info, call 613-372-2410.

The summer weather we are experiencing seems to be a replay of last summer - hot, humid and little rain. We should all do our part to use our well water wisely.

As I'm writing this column, a bear was seen on Wolfe Swamp Road.

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Jean Brown

Henderson village is now even more enhanced with thanks to our own Councillor, Cindy Knight-Kelsey, who arranged for an antique car with flowers to beautify Henderson and be placed near our Henderson village sign. Now we are even more of a true village - with a destination car for tourist photo-ops! Cindy’s health did not allow for her hands-on helping, but helpers Wilf and Debbie Deline offered painting, welding, and transporting, and Laura of Kennebec Lake also assisted. Come and have a socially distanced visit and get your photo taken in Henderson.

The Mazinaw Lake Swim Program has decided that it is necessary to suspend in-person lessons for the 2021 season due to Covid-19. The program will have information, swimming lesson skills and safety tips on their website at www.Mazinawswim.com. Next year, 2022, they will mark 50 years of service and be back in full force.

Special thanks to our KFL&A health unit for all their help and support, with congratulations to Dr. Kieran More who was recently appointed to be Ontario’s top Doctor. Dr. Moore and the team kept us safe and up-to date, for sure. Also a reminder that first dose appointments are available for youth 12 to 17 years of age on Thursday, June 17, 2021 at the Granite Ridge Education Centre in Sharbot Lake. Register at: http://ow.ly/R1f950F1uix.

Deepest sympathy to the family of the late Karen Elliott, who at one time operated Clever Cuts Hair Salon in Northbrook. Karen enjoyed golfing with friends on Wednesday nights, a friendly game of pool, music and a good ole camp fire. Her laugh and affectionate smile will be greatly missed by everyone that knew her.

Rev. Jack Plasier officiated at a Covid compliant burial service for the late Ibra Cuddy at Harlowe Cemetery on the weekend, at which Granddaughter Amanda Veley offered ministry of music on her violin. We have many fond memories of Ibra and thank God for his life.

Keep cool in the heat wave and keep up with Covid compliance conditions. Stay safe.

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by Judy Borovskis

Welcome to Inverary! Melissa and Roger moved here during this pandemic and are anxious to enjoy the community and all it offers, especially now that they have been joined by their new daughter, Stella, born on May 5th.

Rev. Heather’s Birthday Challenge Winner! The Glenburnie United Church congregation went out garbage collecting and since there were more than one household of youth represented … the bird house is going to find a home on the church property so all can enjoy. Great work Glenburnie! Thank you, Bill Ritchie, for sharing your wood working skills!

Our Lakes is a free monthly e-magazine and an easy enjoyable read.  Just got my June issue emailed to me so I thought I would share.  Very nice article on page 6 – thank you Kelli McRobert!  Just click on the link attached and enjoy!  http://ourlakes.ca/data/documents/June-2021-Our-Lakes.pdf

Quiet in Inverary this past week.  Howard could not have his garage sale due to COVID restrictions ... Hmmm, 10 beaches in Toronto were opened.  Heat is hard on the grass but warming the pool... I jumped in at 69 degrees for my “doggie paddle”.  Thanks to all for supporting the trailer in my driveway.  At the end of the month, I will report a total for the bottle drive.  It has definitely been a community effort!  Thanks, also, for all the waves and beeps during my morning run – reminds me how lucky I am to live here and enjoy country life.  Today is anniversary #51 – here’s to #52, Bruno!

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Karen Prytula

Althorpe in 1899 - Fred Fulford informs us that there will be but very little honey this year owing to the lack of nectar in the flowers caused by the dryness of the season and many severe frosts. [Perth Courier, June 29, 1899]

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by Pearl Killingbeck

No column; check back next week!

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Mountain Grove
Marilyn Meeks

Some birthdays in June are Anita Allen, Mallory Jackson, Matthew Wallace, Will Clow, Jocelyn Blain, Sarah sauve, Erica Lucas, Jewel McArthur, Betty Matson, Jim Gray, June St Pierre, Dan Scott, Christina Green, Betty Lindsay, Mary Ann Freeman, Robert Warren Roger Tryon, Judy Meeks, Wayne Gray, Joanne Brownrigg, Julie Rose, Win Sargeant, Robert Stacey, Jack Deline, Lorie Fox, Beverley Ruttan,Glenda Sly, Leslie Whiteman, Patsy Quinn, David Campbell.

Anniversaries are Tom and June Hughes, Ralph and Debby Smith, Pat and Jack Alexander, Dave and Debby Hartwick, Pamela and Bryan Lynch.

We have one birthday at SLRR - Ray Saunders will be 90 years.

It is very sad about the 215 graves of Indigenous children found recently.

Let’s hope the stores and businesses will soon be opened.

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by Linda Rush & Marily Seitz

I've seen and heard many flocks of gees flying north this week, and there are two families of geese that divide their time between Palmerston and Canonto Lake.  The dragonflies are plentiful but they are not eating enough.  We still have blackflies, along with the ever-present mosquitoes. Now the heat has brought out the deer and horse flies.  The dragonflies have a smorgasbord from which to choose.

Last weekend, the fire fighters from three North Frontenac stations were called out to deal with a cottage fire on Barnes Island on Palmerston Lake.  This location made the logistics of fire fighting a challenge. Fire Department boats were used to transport pumps, hoses, and fire fighters to the island.  The challenge was met and conquered, as they were unable to save the cottage but saved all the other cottages on the island.  This weekend, the three stations were again called out as there was a car crash on 509 just outside of Ompah.  Traffic had to be rerouted around the scene all evening and into the morning.   Our fire fighters train all year long (though not during the Covid shut down) to prepare for the different types of emergencies that may occur in the Township.  Many thanks to the fire fighters and Emergency First Responders who train hard and are always on call to protect and help us here in North Frontenac.

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by Colleen Steele & Christine Teal

Thinking of Gerard Howes, who is recovering from his motorcycle accident.  Healing thoughts to Cheryl Hole, who is recovering this week as well.

Be sure to mark this date on your calendar: June 26th.  This is the day of collecting and recycling.  Wanted: Used hearing aids and eyeglasses, pop tabs and cans, liquor and wine bottles, beer bottles and cans, as well as non perishable food items and hygiene products for the Food Bank.  This is sponsored by the Lions Club and will take place in the Crossing Pub's parking lot in Sharbot Lake on June 26th from 10am to 1pm.  What a great way to recycle and help others! Win win!

Sincere condolences to the family of the late Irene (Wagar) Campsall.  Irene and Glenn were always in attendance at the United Church Suppers. They also worked very hard in finding information on the Steele Family Tree.

Be careful driving along the roads, as the turtles are out laying their eggs.

Would Eli Abrams please call us back?  The phone number that was left on the answering machine does not seem to connect, as we have tried calling it .  Eli is excited about becoming our replacement for writing the Parham/Tichborne news, as he lives in the Buck Bay Road area in Tichborne, and we would gladly welcome his new ideas, opinions, inputs etc to this column.  At this time, we wish to thank all of our supporters and positive responses for all the years we have been writing about this area which we both love.  We wish Eli all the best and hope that be enjoys it as much as we did.  Please continue to touch base with him with your news, events and other happenings.  God bless!

Has anyone downloaded the Parham song video about the fire that took place June 7, 2020?

Anyone interested in Avon bottles:  I (Colleen) have a great collection!

Belated congratulation to Delbert and Shelly Bertrim on their Silver Anniversary.  Happy 45th anniversary to Rick and Cathy Goodfellow.  Happy anniversary to Doug & Eileen Whan, and John and Janice Morrow.

Congratulations to Marcus and Kayla Banks and big brothers Harper and Gabe on the birth of their little princess, Eliana.  She is sure going to get spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa Kim and Keith Harper and Auntie Shannon!!! Not to mention the love she will get from Great Grandma Doris Campsall!

Have you noticed all the trees that were cut around Goodfellows store in Tichborne? Wow, what a difference! Looks like there may be a couple businesses that could open up shop in the bottom part and apartments in the top!

CFMSA is sad to announce that due to COVID and so many uncertainties regarding the season, we are going to have to cancel the 2021 season.  An email was sent to all email addresses that we have on file, as well as a Facebook post.  Let's get geared up for a great 2022 season!!!  If you are interested in helping out the executive for the next season, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we would love to have you on board!

Sunday, May 30th, was an action-packed day for Jenny's Northern Grill, located in Godfrey at Godfrey General store. The reason: all fry sales were being donated to the Relay for Life event in Kingston to support long time walker Christine Teal in her fundraising efforts.

Jen Cox, owner and operator of the chip truck,  wanted to do something and this was her idea on a whim and what a success it was. The power of social media got the word out quickly and soon people would be coming from all over.

We have all been touched by cancer so everyone just wanted to do their part!!

The staff were very happy to help and Charlotte Thompson was donating her tips to the cause as well. I'm sure the staff slept well that night as they had the best day of fry sales yet and were going non stop all day!!!

Thank you to Jen, Charlotte and their staff for an amazing job!!! Thank you to the community who showed up to purchase and to support this wonderful cause!! Of course, the fries were amazing as well!! Great job to all involved!!

Remember: there is no limit to the love a heart can hold!

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Perth Road
by Peter Bird

Perth Road United Church update: With the change to the new 'three stage' system for opening up and Stage 1 not starting until June 14th at the earliest, we will be continuing to have podcasts only. We will monitor this and will keep you informed of any changes/further extensions. For the podcast, please tune in from home, at 10:00am on Sundays on the Perth Road United Church website at www.pruc.ca.

Communities become vibrant and alive because of their dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers.

In 1934, the Leland United Church was established. Within this church, a group of women established the Leland Women’s Association.

When the church closed in 1960, the Leland Women’s Association disbanded and would form a non-church organization known as the Leland Helping Hand (L.H.H.). Their primary purpose was to raise funds for their community.

Today, the women of the L.H.H. meet once a month, either at a member’s home or at the Harris Memorial Park Clubhouse in Perth Road Village.

Their community objectives continue to be: to improve the quality of life for individuals in a crisis situation and help realize community projects.

Peggy Newport, President of L.H.H. says, “Since the beginning of the pandemic, our fundraising has been cut down to zero… Our euchre evenings brought in the majority of our funds. Our last fundraiser was a sale of patio baskets in spring of 2019, making about $400.”

Peggy continues, “Our normal yearly donations take place in November, but November’s donations in 2020 depleted most of our funds. However, in spring this year, miraculously, we received an anonymous donation for $1000, which will help us go ahead and help a few more people. I’m hoping L.H.H. will be able to return to the euchre evenings in the fall. This has been a sorely missed activity for bringing people together in the community.”

Peggy says, “We have been helping our community for 61 years and will continue after the pandemic is over. We have donated to: the Sydenham Food Bank, the University Hospital and the Perth Road School meals as well as their Christmas drive, to name a few.”

The Leland Helping Hands meet once a month.

Euchre evenings run weekly through the year on Thursdays at the Harris Community Hall in Perth Road Village, and include a lunch prepared by one of the members.

Cards are also sent within the community for birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy and get-well cards.

New members are welcome.

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by Rhonda Watkins

If you are looking to enjoy a nice meal and avoid having dishes to clean up, check out North of 7 Saturday night dinner specials. Last Saturday, they offered a delicious open face hot hamburger sandwich with veggies and your choice of fries or mashed potatoes for $12.99. I can’t wait to see what is on the menu for this week. If you would like to call and reserve your special, you can contact them at 613 479-2603!

Creative Grapes winemaking and bottling have listed their new summer hours and effective this past Monday, they will now be open Thursday 10-5, Friday 11-7 and Saturday and Sunday 10-3!

Is your child starting school in September? If so, you can join the Earlyon Team on Zoom for School Readiness info on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings from 9-9:30am. Please preregister at keyon.ca and for more information, you can contact the Rural Frontenac Community Services at 613 279-3151 Ext. 306.

Great news for the Snow Road Hall! The Township of North Frontenac announced that the washrooms there will be renovated, thanks to infrastructure funding from the Federal and Provincial Governments!

On Monday, June 14th , outdoor fitness can begin again with a limit of 10 people at the Clar-Mill Hall, including Holly and Michael! If you are interested in joining in, you can contact Holly at 613 479-2166!

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by Karen Brawley

Hey, it’s June... Happy birthday to all those celebrating this month.  We may not be able to gather and party with a large group yet, but we’re getting there.  

It’s graduation month for some. It’s been a challenging year for students, parents, teachers and everyone, but we made it.  You guys have been troopers. This will be a school year you won’t forget and can look back on later and say you did it.  Congrats to all the graduates and hard working people who have helped make this possible.  You guys rock.

With nicer weather seems to find a heavier right foot when people are driving through the village. Please remember: there are speed limits and lots of people enjoying the great outdoors.  When we wave for you to slow down, we’re not saying hello or saying you’re number one.  Share the road responsibly.

Not many upcoming events to report but it’s nice to see more new faces joining our village family.  The housing sales have been crazy.  A huge welcome to the new comers to the area.

Canada Day - we celebrate soon what an amazing country it is we live in.  Let’s show some Canada pride, everyone. 

Keep safe, Sydenham. We are all still in this together.  We’ve come this far, we got this.

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Debbie Lingen

A Book Share House has been installed on the street at Revell's Fix-it Garage (near Food Less Travelled).  You can browse this free library where you can take a book or leave a book. Built by David Mouck and installed by friends of the community.

Style Revival will be opening again on Wednesday, June 16th. They will keep to the opening of one day (Wednesday) per week. Please observe all Covid precautions.

Frontenac Farmers Market has a new location. They are now located at Centennial Park in Harrowsmith every Saturday from 9am to 2pm.  Masks must be worn.

The Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T) committees will be hosting a frauds and scams virtual information session on Friday, June 11 from 11:30am to 12:15 pm.  Topics to include: The impact of fraud, types of scams and fraud, how to protect yourself. This is a virtual presentation (online and by telephone).

All participants must register for the session. Anyone who watched the event online and would like a meal can attend Southern Frontenac Community Services within 45 minutes after the event to pick-up the take away meal. Delivery is available as well.  Please indicate if you would like a meal when you register. Please pre-register for the event online at https://frontenacsalt.ca, by calling the Southern Frontenac Community Services Corporation (SFCSC) office at 613-376-6477 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The link to the event or the telephone dial in option will be provided when you register.

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