| Jul 25, 2018

The Ompah Community Association is in good shape financially, even after buying liability insurance and paying $5,000 to the Township for renovations to the kitchen, the Association heard at its Annual General Meeting Saturday morning in Ompah.

The cash balance as of July 21, 2018 is $8,127.76

“We decided not to incorporate because that only protects the membership, not the executive,” said President Rob Harris. “So we’re an unregistered association.

“But we needed the insurance, which includes some legal advice because all it takes is for someone to trip over a loose cord for us to get sued.”

He said recent projects of the association have been a move-in package for new residents, addressing the “noticeable decline in attendance” at events (a recent dance was cancelled because only two tickets were sold) and approaching North Frontenac Council for help in refurbishing the floor at the Hall.

“We were told there’s no budget for that,” he said.

They also formed a committee, chaired by Janet Arther, to look into a beach on Palmerston Lake, discussed communication strategies including a new FaceBook Page, announced that there is $334.40 in the Birthday Bash Benevolent Fund and asked for more contributions to the Memory Wall.

Harris also noted that the Hall has been opened as an official cooling off spot when temperatures warrant.

Two spots on the executive were open. Rob Harris and Dave Young were elected to fill them. What positions they will take will have to wait for the executive meeting.

“We elect people to the executive and decide at the first executive committee meeting what hats they will wear,” said Harris.

After the meeting, the Canada 150 mural by Gleva Lemke was unveiled.








Marily Seitz and John Walters unveil the Canada 150 mural at the Ompah Community Centre. The mural, painted by local artist Gleva Lemke, features the names of many area residents. “The names just kept on coming,” said Seitz. Photo/Craig Bakay

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