| Sep 06, 2012

Photo: Survivorman Les Stroud performed at Marble Lake Lodge on August 30

Les Stroud, whose Survivorman TV shows have garnered him numerous fans worldwide, made a special appearance at Marble Lake Lodge near Cloyne and showed his fans that he is as good a musician as he is an outdoors man. Les, who fronted his trio, Les Stroud and the Camp Fire Kings, sang lead vocals and played rhythm guitar. He performed a number of classic rock covers and a few of his own originals, showing fans that indeed music is as close to his heart as the great outdoors.

David Arama who co-owns the lodge and who also runs the WSC Survivor School Inc. where he teaches survival techniques to various youth groups, was Stroud's original instructor at Humber College where Stroud did his first survival training courses. David recalled recognizing something special in Les early on. “He started off just like any other student but soon you could tell that he had all the qualities and skills that have brought him to where he is today.”

Arama worked as the consultant on Stroud's YTV show “Survive This”, which follows eight teenagers after they are left in the woods to fend for themselves. He Stroud made a public appearance at the lodge as a favor to him. “I thought it would be nice to invite the public to come and see him since so many people around here are fans,” Arama said. Rachel Barrington, a Stroud fan who works at Bon Echo Provincial Park, admires Stroud's genuineness on the show. “He is definitely someone you can admire. The fact that he's not always successful at the tasks he sets out to achieve shows him to be an honest and genuine person, which is what I like about him, “ she said.

Stroud's musicianship is equally as genuine and his show was well received by fans. In between songs Stroud took questions about his show from the audience and told of the grossest food he has ever eaten (a large white live grub). When asked what terrain was the most difficult for him, he answered that it is temperature not terrain that poses the most dangers. His new show Surviviorman 10 Days is soon to be aired and fans will no doubt be flocking to see Les survive in a number of new international settings.


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