Marily Seitz | Jul 27, 2016

Saturday, July 23 was a first for the Ompah Community Centre Association. President Marily Seitz welcomed members to the first ever Annual General Meeting. The usual AGM reports were made along with reports from the committees: Communications, Birthday Bash Benevolent Fund and Wall of Memories. Then the members present voted to accept and approve the new by-laws. Previously there were no written rules governing the operation of the community centre but under the new by-laws there are now clear and transparent procedures in place.

With the passage of the by-laws, two new executive positions were created: vice-president and director-at-large. These positions are to be elected on even years. The remaining three executives (president, secretary and treasurer) will be elected on odd years. Linda Rush, returning officer, took over the meeting for the election of officers. By acclamation Rob Harris, vice-president and Stacey Couture, director-at-large were welcomed to the executive of the Ompah Community Association.

Upon receipt and approval of the financial statement, treasurer Edith Beaulieu announced that she would be resigning the position of treasurer due to health reasons. President Marily Seitz reluctantly accepted Edith's resignation and thanked her for her many years of dedication and service to the community and community centre. Secretary Betty Kelford presented a thank you gift and a dozen red roses to Edith, accompanied by a rousing round of cheers and clapping. According to the new by-laws, the executive will appoint an interim treasurer to fulfil the remainder of the term (one year).

An enthusiastic gathering of committed community members then went to work brainstorming ideas to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. Under the guidance of Cille Harris, an exciting and wide range of activities and events were suggested. Many names were collected of folks interested in helping plan and carry out events. The meeting was adjourned on time but members stayed around to chat, share refreshments and clean up together.   

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