Linda Rush | May 11, 2016

Last year at about this time, a very successful “Fire Extinguisher Day” was held at the Ompah Community Centre. Glenna Shanks from Perth Fire Extinguisher Service was there to inspect home and cottage owners’ fire extinguishers, and to service them if necessary. In addition, the North Frontenac Fire Department was present with fire prevention information. They also provided an opportunity for people to try out using fire extinguishers on a real fire. Lots of people took advantage of the day and came from far and wide to do so.

May 21 will see a similar event at the Ompah Community Centre this year. According to Rick and Debbie Morey, who organize the day, quite a number of people who attended last year were surprised to learn that their extinguishers were either completely non-functional, or needed recharging. Even if your extinguisher indicates that it is fully charged, this is not always the case. Lots of people also discovered that they didn’t really know how to use a fire extinguisher. Even if they could get it to discharge its foam, how to apply this foam to a real fire was not as straightforward as they had believed. Being able to try out an extinguisher on a real fire was an eye-opening experience that many appreciated.

So, come out on May 21, between 9 and 12, to take advantage of this chance to make your home or cottage much safer in the case of a fire. A small fee will be charged for the inspection. If you have any questions give Rick or Debbie a call at 613-701-3648.

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