| Aug 07, 2019

OPP Sargeant Cynthia Savard told the Whig Standard that a group of children whop appeared to be about 11 years old, tied telephone cable to a tree on one side of the K&P trail and extended the cable across the trail and tied the other end of the cable to a tree on the opposite, creating a potentially severe safety hazard for trail users. the cable was about 5 feet in the air.

The incident took place at about the 59 kilometre mark on the trail, where it passes next to Duncan Lake, just south of Fish Creek. Although the trail is motorised from Craig Road north, it is not motorised in the short section that passes next to Duncan Lake. Motorised traffic (ATV’s and snowmobiles use a detour over Oclean Lane for that 500 metre stretch.

A resident who lives nearby saw the kids installing the cable and called a tail volunteer. The OPP were called and they cable was removed. No one was injured.

A video of the cable across the trail is posted on the K&P trail twitter feed.

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