| Nov 01, 2018

“There aren’t as many children in the community as there were when we started this 16 years ago, but we do have more grandparents coming out and they seem to be enjoying themselves,” said Wanda Harrison, chief organizer of Kennebec Rec’s annual kids Halloween party. “Actually, we do have a couple of new families this year and even one baby lumberjack.”

Many things are still the same as they have been many years.

For instance, Barbara Kirkland is still the “tattoo expert” and Diane Nicholson organizes the costume parade. Kent Smith and Lorne Hiltz were in the kitchen cooking hot dogs.

But one thing that changes every year is what goes on in the basement.

This year, it was a bat cave.

“This is our fourth year,” said Connie Tryan, who manages to transform the lower level of Kennebec Hall with her husband Boyd (“I just do what she tells me, even at home.”)

“We’ve done pirates, witches, and a haunted house.

“This year, we were studying stalactites at kids club and decided on a bat cave after feedback from the kids, some of whom have been down here two or three times now.”

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