| Jul 06, 2018

There is a level 2 burn ban in affect for all of Central Frontenac until further notice.

Due to the current dry weather conditions coupled with the continued forecast of high temperatures with no appreciable rain in the near future, Central Frontenac Fire & Rescue has issued an immediate ban on all open air burning with the exception of campfires in the Municipality of Central Frontenac. This ban suspends all previously approved Open Air Burn Permits (with the exception of campfires) until the ban is lifted.

This ban includes and suspends the burning of clean wood and brush, outdoor bonfires and the use of all outdoor wood burning appliances or any other open fire burning (except campfires) and will remain in effect until further notice to ensure public safety.

Deputy Fire Chief Jamie Riddell adds: “This fire ban has been put in place as a preventative measure due to current conditions and response from a recent wild fire caused by lightning. The ban is to reduce the incidence of a large grass or brush fire which may place properties at high risk of loss, and be dangerous to firefighters and residents. A small grass fire can rapidly change to a major incident during periods of extended hot weather and little rain. We encourage all residents to comply with the fire ban and help keep our municipality safe”.

Central Frontenac Fire & Rescue would like to thank all residents for their anticipated co-operation and remind them that any person found conducting open air burning in contravention of the ban, is guilty of an offence and may be subject to service charges per the Open Air Burning By-law and/or charges in accordance with the Ontario Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

Central Frontenac Fire & Rescue will continue to monitor weather and ground conditions. Residents are urged to visit the fire department website at http://www.centralfrontenac.com/BurnBan.html to view when the burn ban is lifted or call 613-279-2935 X441.

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