| May 09, 2018

Day of the Pig coming back
(Editors note - an earlier version of this article contained erroneous information about the timing and location of the 2018 Day of the Prg. The Day of the Pig is actually set for May 20 at the Seed to Sausage retail store at 12821 Road 38 (next to the Kingdom Hall) and north of the Treasure Trunk) from 11am - 4pm. An article with more details about the Day of the Pig will be posted shortly)


Beavers took up much of the Central Frontenac regular Council meeting Tuesday night in Oso Hall as staff presented a draft bylaw to deal with the Country’s official symbol (or chief pest depending on your outlook).

But while everyone agreed that broken beaver dams post a significant threat to area roadways, how to deal with that threat was far from a point of agreement.

“I agree we need a written policy but I don’t agree we need a bylaw and definitely don’t agree that complaints about beaver dams be made to the bylaw enforcement officer,” said Coun. John Purdon. “We’ve never had a (beaver bylaw) (a fact confirmed by Clerk-Administrator Cathy MacMunn) and we don’t need one now.”

Under the proposed bylaw and guidelines, Township officials could enter private property whenever they perceive a threat to Township roads and compel property owners to deal with said threat.

“Why should I, as a property owner, be responsible?” said Purdon. “The (provincial) law says I can’t remove a beaver dam unless it affects my property.”

Coun. Brent Cameron pointed out that if the bylaw is complaint-driven, it could be used to ‘get back’ at a neighbour.

“Certainly we can tighten this up so it’s not used in a way that it’s not intended,” Cameron said.

“The complainant in this case would be the municipality,” said Mayor Frances Smith. “But certainly it could use some tightening up.”

“(And) it starts talking about beavers but goes on to mention ‘other obstructions,’” said Dep. Mayor Tom Dewey. “It think we may need a lawyer to take a look at it.”

MacMunn apologized that there was no representative from Public Works available to give additional information on the proposed policy and bylaw but said she’d ask some questions and bring the draft back to Council.

“Good beaver discussion,” said Smith. “I’m sure we’ll have many more.

Building Permits

Chief Building Official Shawn Merriman predicted a good year construction-wise in his report.

“Things were a little slow starting off this year but I’m told the June list might have 15 things on it.”

Merriman also responded to Coun. Phillip Smith’s questions about vandalism to the fence and the Pavilion at the Parham Fairgrounds.

“There was also some vandalism at the school and they stole some plumbing from the canteen,” Merriman said. “Between the wind storm and the vandalism, that area took quite a hit.”

“It’s a sure sign we need to start installing video cameras everywhere,” said Mayor Frances Smith.

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